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User Info: macke2k

5 years ago#1
I haven't played arcanum in 4 years or so, but wanted to delve back into it. I've never finished the game, only getting to just before the void last time before my daughter was born and I shelved it.

I have played either a mage or a techy gunslinger. And I was thinking of a weird combination that should work pretty well. A mage gunslinger!

A Gnome raised by Orcs!

Initial Stats From Background:
ST 10 IN 8
CN 6 WP 10
DX 8 PE 10
BE 8 CH 2

With just 2 points in WP and 3 in Temporal, I can cast haste on myself. With mind marvel, revitilizer, and vivifier, I can have a temporary WP of 18. That would allow me to eventually spend 2 more points in Temporal for Tempus Fugit.

A hasted gunslinger would be able to churn out a hail of bullets and/or grenades! Fastest gun in all of arcanum :)

I tested this concept out using the character editor to make sure that even with 100% Technical aptitude, I could still cast haste or tempus and have it work.

I could of course achieve the same thing by buying Haste potions from the gypsy women, but this seems so much more fun!

Now the hard part is figuring out where to spend all the points and how to be effective at 1-10th level, especially since a charisma of 2 means I won't have any followers besides Virgil.

For 5th level, I am thinking:
1 in explosives
3 in firearms
2 in Perception
2 in Electricity
1 in Herbology
1 in Dex

I have a small amount of throwing due to raised by orcs. It *should* be enough for grenade tossing. If not, I'll move that dex point into throwing.

Once past the bridge, I got to tarant and use a fate point on Sammy to acquire the hand cannon. I then have a viable gun for quite some time.

From there I can slowly spend into tech disciplines and/or spend the required 5 points (2WP, 3 Temporal) for the Haste spell.

As I said, without a follower meat/shield/pack mule, it will be much more of a challenge, but if I can survive through to 20th, the BMC and onward should be pretty easy.

User Info: Fizzle_Pork

5 years ago#2
Should be a fun build. Those first few levels are always the hardest, the only thing I really fear in this game is starting a new character and running into a pack of wererats.

User Info: macke2k

5 years ago#3
Yeah, a single were rat or a pack of 3 plague rats pretty much ends in party death. If they don't target my character in the first round, I can get up a haste and pump-em full of lead to survive, but my follower always ends up dead.

I am 12th level now, have 3 in firearms, 2 charged rings, a hand cannon, and the haste spell. Any encounter where I have a little time to prep (i.e. casting haste, the stepping out hitting R and begin shooting), works out really well. Any random encounters are always a little chancy for my followers....

User Info: Ohforfsake

5 years ago#4
BTW, why not spend 1 point to get agility of fire spell? It'll be +4 dex for just one charpoint, considering you already have two buff slots from 8 int. And even better: AoF can stack whith itself, so if you level int to 12 (which can be helpful for technician) you'll get another +4 dex from third buff slot, and so on!
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