Any other newer games like this?

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User Info: DavidMeyer

10 years ago#1
Hi, this game is simply fantastic. Unfortunately, I picked it up too late and the dated graphics are getting a little to me...

That said, any other games like this, offering so many possibilities in character creation, choices in game, NPC killing (hehe), different builds for different characters?

I am looking for 3rd person view games, like this one, with better graphics.

Thank you!

User Info: Deathell

10 years ago#2
A new RPG just came out like a few days ago called Eschalon: Book 1. It reminded me a lot of Arcanum. You need to check it out if you like this game :)

User Info: Detha

10 years ago#3
The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games are pretty good. Well, I've only played the first on the Xbox (absolutely amazing), but the second game's supposed to be better in some ways. Pretty good dialogue trees. They make them both on the computer.

Neverwinter Nights is very good, and you can mod it to death. Some cool dialogue trees, and an interesting character creator. Not as open-ended as Arcanum, from what I've played, but as I said, it's extremely mod-able.

Morrowind or Oblivion are pretty good choices, but not exactly deep with conversations. And with 3rd person, it's a little loose, however, you can mod those pretty well. From what remember, they aren't too great with dialogue trees. So you'll rarely find an occasion to lash out at someone.

Come to think of it, some of the people that made this game made an earlier PC RPG epic - Fallout. The first one. It's most likely more outdated graphic-wise, but supposed to be really great.

Oh yeah! Mass Effect. The same people that made Neverwinter Nights and the first Knights of the Old Stuff game. They made some giant sci-fi epic for the 360. 3rd person, and (supposedly) deeper than any other game when it comes to dialogue options (trees). Heard it's pretty glitchy though, and the weapons and item systems are a little weird, but a cool part is that they're making this series a trilogy. The game carries over save files into the sequential games, and in a game like this - where just about everything you say and do reflects things in the future - that's pretty amazing. But again, not for the computer.

Damn I've said "dialogue trees" too many times for one day.

User Info: FlyinBrian

10 years ago#4
but if you're looking for something set in an awesome Steampunk-Fantasy genre, I think you're pretty SOL
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User Info: fargus2

10 years ago#5
Morrowind. Wonderful with the right mods.

User Info: Cowology

10 years ago#6
Morrowind seems to be very hit or miss. I know a number of people that loved it. I myself did not and I know a few other Arcanum/Fallout/PS:Torment players who felt the same way.

But in fairness I never got very far into the game I tried on several occasions but just had a tough time w/ it.

User Info: Zergling9

10 years ago#7
I felt that way with Morrowind too. I just stopped playing it, but when I came back and stuck to it, it was one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played.
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User Info: michael2

10 years ago#8
You may want to try Age of Decadence when it comes out (google the title).
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User Info: blade402

10 years ago#9
Neverwinter Nights 2, Baldurs Gate series (pc ones), Knights of the old republic 1 and 2, jade empire, temple of elemental evil, fallout 1 and 2, icewind dale series, vampire the masquerade: bloodlines, planescape torment...

THen in the future check out dragon age

User Info: blade402

10 years ago#10
Baldur's Gate is by far the best. I can not recommend it more. They are my all time favorite games.
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