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User Info: thegraveyard

5 months ago#1
Hey guys. I really hope someone out there can assist me with my problem or if there's no help to be had that someone can at least explain the ins and outs of my situation. OK so I am old enough to have been in my prime gaming years when the 64 came out. Long time lover of the 64. Probably my favorite console. I am kind of computer/tech challenged but i do desperately want to learn so please bear with me.

So guys I was able to buy some custom cartridges I guess you could call them sort of ports? Rom ports? I had NO IDEA something like this existed! It's so awesome and since then I've heard of other stuff but I'm not quite sure I understand it perhaps a way to play some of the great No Mercy mods on some kind of modified like physical 64 emulator? If anyone knows about that please enlighten me if you can. In the mean time my main issue right now is that I have these again for lack of better word modded ports of No Mercy and VPW2. My problem is that there is zero save functionality going on. I mean they pick up the memory cards they don't say there are any problems or anything and yet any kind of progress I make or CAWs or editing none of it gets saved. Turn off the console then turn it back on and everything is gone.

Now I do know about of course the No Mercy bug. In fact I had set saved searchs and alerts on Ebay to get a USA-1 cartridge. Lol after months one finally showed up and it was expensive but I was glad to buy it. But typical of those situations right after I got that after waiting months without one popping up well right after getting mine next thing you know new ones starting popping up all over the place lol. Oh well. So I am aware of that but I don't think that's what's going on here because even with the regular no Mercy bug at least it might save for awhile before erasing. These ports not at all whatsoever.

From what i think I understand there is some kind of tiny piece in the cartridges for some games for saving? I think if that's right them I'm thinking its possible whoever made these just didn't put one in. Is that possible? If that is possible could someone explain this to me like what I need to buy and what I might need to do to install it in order for the saves to stick? Or am I totally off base and maybe it's something else?

I would really appreciate any help from my fellow N64 loyalists I know you're out there and long live the 64!!
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User Info: Sirgunner

4 months ago#2
The no mercy erase bug is a beast you got to have Multiple memory cards and keep your CAWs on back up memory cards to get ready for the wipe because I know Marcy bug is coming for sure every time you Gotta be ready for it.

User Info: RazorsSlice

2 months ago#3
Try reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/N64WrestlingGames/

Old School Reunion

Or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/82560886896
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