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User Info: S1d_Eudy

12 years ago#1
OK here it goes:

Is there any way to create a hack where you can CANCEL a Standing Strike with another Standing Strike....
in hopes of performing some type of Standing Strike Combo in No Mercy or Virtual Pro Wrestling II?

(Like for eg: Player 1 throws a weak strike & just as it connects, Player 1 hits another strike right after the 1st weak strike)

OR.... is there a way to SPLICE two Standing Strikes together in order to create a Multiple Hit Standing Strike?

User Info: mister yummy

mister yummy
12 years ago#2
Why not just strike repeatedly?

You can block a strike, and counter with another, but you knew that already.

I guess I'm not much help :-D
I'm a Professional Wrestler!
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User Info: The Kamikaze

The Kamikaze
12 years ago#3
well in VPW2 you CAN create combos by changing your profile from Wrestling to Mixed Martial Arts or Shoot...that way your strong b-grapples are replaced with strikes and you can combo your opponent out of the ring

and like the other guy said: why not just hit B repeatedly? best is with opponent in the corner to use your corner strikes and finish him with one of your strong strikes
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User Info: S1d_Eudy

12 years ago#4
Hey mister_yummy & thekamikaze1973, I appreciate the input from the both of you ok.

But you know I have this long-nagging itch that I just can't scratch-------
I believe that there's a way to create standing strike combos in No Mercy (& VPW II)

Kind of the same way as in Smackdown!, where you can throw any strike & cancel into
any other strike creating a combo from that.-------of course I DO know that where talking about
No Mercy & VPW II.

( ***Plus I am really really trying to learn to hack moves....but just don't have the time :( *** )

So again mister_yummy & thekamikaze1973, I appreciate your comments...

But if there's anyone out there that knows if this is possible:.....

[To create a hack that allows you to throw any standing strike & combo it to another standing strike, or to be able to splice together a standing strike with another standing strike to create a combined multi hit standing strike.]......

.....then can you please let me know?

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