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TazmanianD 2 years ago#1
THQ Nordic has apparently released a playable demo of a remake of the original Gothic game which is available on steam:

I would much rather they write an actual sequel than just rehash an existing game. I would much rather see a (real) Gothic 4 or a Risen 4.
MadJak91 2 years ago#2
I see some familiar locations like the valley at the beginning so that is nice. It almost looks the same. Graphically though Gothic always had that gritty look which is lost here.

tbh, I would properly fix Gothic 3. Do it over the way it was meant to be done and finish the story there as it should have been finished. The community fixes and patches fixed the game but we never got the game itself in my opinion.

Ya, Risen 4 although I think by Risen 3 they had no freaking clue what they even wanted to do with the series anymore and left the story unfinished :D
psaltery 2 years ago#3
I thought Arcania and Elex were the successors to Gothic 3/Risen 3. Were there any others.
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TazmanianD 2 years ago#4
Arcania was called "Gothic 4" but other than a few characters with the same name, it really had nothing in common with anything else Piranha Bytes has made (it was not made by PB). I love this type of game and so I found Arcania to be "tolerable" but that's about it. Calling it a Gothic game is rather laughable IMO.

I haven't played Elex yet but it's on my list.
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