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User Info: RamboCell29

6 years ago#1
Hey guys, thinking about re-installing this gem of a game and modding it.

I've played Tamriel Rebuilt (years ago...), and am looking to get the most recent Sacred East release.

Thinking about Morrowind Comes Alive; I've heard it's fun. Not sure if lore-friendly though. I've also heard of one called Starfire NPC Additions. Which is better? I wouldn't mind more NPC's walking around.

Any other extensive lore-friendly quests, places, etc. would be appreciated. It looks like Planet Elder Scrolls went down since I did this last; hopefully the Nexus has a bunch of good mods. Thanks!
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User Info: Darkelfguy

6 years ago#2
Hey, first of all, most of the mods from PES are still around at Morrowind Modding History, they have a database of about 16,000~18,000 Morrowind mods so if there's any classic mods you can't find on the Nexus, chances are they're over there.

Here's a link for that: http://mw.modhistory.com/home

In terms of lore-friendliness, I think MCA is fine, but Starfire's NPC Additions is technically more lore-friendly because every NPC in that has a unique name, whereas MCA is generic names like "Traveler", "Priest", "Commoner", etc... That said, Starfire's NPC Additions uses a very complex set of scripts to teleport thousands of NPCs around to populate towns, so it can get a little laggy at times.

Other lore-friendly mods I'd recommend are:

Face of the Hortator (Dungeons)
Water Life (Gameplay - adds new fish and other underwater encounters)
Boats (scenic real-time travel between towns)
Gondoliers (scenic real-time travel between cantons of Vivec)
Silt Striders (scenic real-time travel between cities)
Muck Shovel of Vivec (Quests)
Inseparable Siblings (Quests)
The Merchant Fendus (Quests)
The Farmer Mod (Business mod - run and manage your own plantations)
Shipwreck Home (Houses)
Racc's Chitin House (Houses)
A Strange Plant (Quests)
Mournhold Clockmaker (Quests)
Magical Missions (Mages Guild Expansion)
Hlaalu Business (House Hlaalu Expansion)
Rise of House Telvanni (House Telvanni Expansion)
Uvirith's Legacy (House Telvanni Expansion)
Building Up Uvirith's Legacy (House Telvanni Expansion)
Faction Living Quarters (Unique housing for each faction)
Abandoned Dwemer Observatory (Houses)
Abandoned Well of Dagon Fel (Dungeons)
Arvs-Spelun (Houses)
The Hostiles (NPC Encounters - Use Wrye Mash leveled list merger if used with MCA)
The Haunted Tavern of the West Gash (Dungeons/Shameless Self-Promotion)
Erengard Mines (Business mod - run a diamond mine)
Enhanced Economics (Leveled list items - again use with Wrye Mash)
A Hermit's Request (Quests/Shameless Self-Promotion)
Of Love and Ignorance (Quests)
Arcane Archers (Quests/Factions)
Dwemer Galleon (Houses)
Lighthouses of Vvardenfell (World Detail)
The Sable Dragon (Quests + Not exactly 100% lore-friendly, but it's really good)
Of Justice and Innocence (Quests/Shameless Self-Promotion)
Aln'Baldrahn (Small Landmass/Houses)
Witchwood (Landmass)
The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain (Quests/Landmass)
Solsthem: Tomb of the Snow Prince (Landmass Overhaul)
Trade Disputes (Quests - Use fixed version 1.5a from MMH)
The Illuminated Order (Quests/Factions)

If you need any more recommendations for a particular category, let me know, I have a ton more mods I can recommend, these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. And of course, if you want to see any of these mods in action before installing, most of them are covered in Morrowind Modding Showcases on YouTube.

All of these mods can be found on MMH/Nexus or GHF. With the exception of Lighthouses of Vvardenfell, which is found here: http://users.beagle.com.au/jmk222/more/mozza/PlugIns.html
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User Info: RamboCell29

6 years ago#3
Wow, thanks Darkelfguy! I had never heard of that site before. Also, that is a good looking list of mods.

I also saw your other topic with Morrowind Modding Showcases - I definitely plan to check that out.

I want to show my little brother this game too - he was younger than 10 when Morrowind came out and all he knows is Skyrim. Poor guy.

He complained that Skyrim lacked depth. I decided to skip Oblivion for now (even with proper mods) and take him straight to this. I hope Morrowind will do the job lol
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User Info: Vdashone

6 years ago#4
I hope he can do the job.
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User Info: turn_based

6 years ago#5
Skyrim has jobs.

Pickin veggies, collecting bounties, and minin ore to name just a few.
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User Info: Vdashone

6 years ago#6
He'll have to step up his credentials if that's all he's got under his belt. We've got Argonians and Khajiit to do manual labor like that here in Morrowind.
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