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User Info: Hypereia

9 years ago#1
As most players know, there is a new engine coming, however that won't fix the game's mechanics/assets being dated.

For a moment, just imagine Anarchy Online 2.

New Direct X 11 engine, all new assets (textures, models, animations, etc)

Large world, larger than AO, but not as barren.

Improved grouping/raid system.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

This is the sort of game from my dreams, new and improved AO - not just the new engine Funcom has planned. We want new EVERYTHING.

I made a topic discussing how poor of a decision it was for FC to stray off into a new direction of IP, Age of Conan. I mean, how is that game doing now? Did that expansion ever get released? What's the player base like.

I have not heard anything about it from mainstream gaming media in AGES...

Had FC chose to redirect their assets towards new AO engine or even better yet AO2, just imagine how things would have turned out.

The AO engine upgrade was delayed until this year, but we still have no real ETA even into Q2.

It's just such a disappointment to me, no other MMO can really take the place of AO - it truly has so much untapped potential just going to waste.

It's just a shame.
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User Info: kingraptorf22

9 years ago#2
I couldnt of said it better myself. even final fantasy cant compare on a mmo level

User Info: midgar

9 years ago#3
AO2 is probably the ONLY other MMO I would ever play.

Get on it, Funcom.
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User Info: Aaryk

9 years ago#4
AO2 is not gonna happen, that's why they've spent the last three years overhauling the game engine. According to game director Means, it will be done this year...I have my doubts, but I sure hope so.
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User Info: dekou

9 years ago#5
I'd play AO2. That being said, a well-made new engine and a good marketing campaign can do wonders. AO1 could get a lot of new players by looking pretty, and that could lead to some major improvements and revisions. Of course, this depends entirely on how well FC can pull it off.

User Info: werruraz

9 years ago#6
They've done alot of background work to improve performance and stability, not just graphics.
Also a rebalance of everything is in the works.
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