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User Info: maitrader

9 years ago#1

(AO) Tribulations (AO)/(AO) Alpha Omega (AO) is a storied (and historically controversial) organization that has come back to Anarchy Online... for the sheer nostalgia of VANILLA AO!!! We are looking for individuals who want to be part of an organization that is exclusively playing the Vanilla content of Anarchy (No expansion content for leveling, raiding and what not). We feel that the way the game was back in its original state, when Rubi-ka was the world, and shadowlands did not exist, was the most fun that was had in any MMO.

We have our own Ventrilo, Webpage, and our own storage. We are looking for individuals that are interested in gathering a group of players that are down to meet up and run the old school "mission" and do RK exclusive raiding.

We are set up on RK2 server, and are the faction "Clan".

We are looking for people who are above the age of 18, who are mature and who want to be a part of a LONG TERM project.

If you are interested, please contact me on this thread, send me a PM, or send me an email @ maitrader@tribulations.org

To fill out an application, go to www.tribulations.org and register! from there go to the applications forum and fill out the application form ;)

User Info: metalxarmsx

9 years ago#2
I'll Join

If you ever get the chance PM Zirk.
He's my MP I'm pretty sure he's only lvl 50ish though.

User Info: Anitatakadum

9 years ago#3
am downloading this game right now. i just want to play free account :-))
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