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User Info: BSkullX

4 years ago#1
Seeing this other topic:
"Judecca vs. Level 3 Kanon The Easy way" with counterattack ability from [Leitea Salk] medium.

My photo winning this battle. Kanon leveled up from 3 to 10 afterwards.

I was testing this against Vinsfeld (last battle o disc 1) and it actually works. It is possible to defeat him with Ashley level 3.

About Vinsfeld's IA, I quote another topic:
Vinsfeld always opens with a regular attack on his 1st turn.

Using the counterattack from medium glitch

I'm going to try an Ashley lv3 vs Grauswein (second time).
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User Info: BSkullX

4 years ago#2
Well, it's impossible to beat Caina (last battle) with Ashey lv3, since she always opens the battle with Gate of Isolde, and that attack can not be avoided and neither can Ashley survive any way being in defense.

With Ashley lv4, his HP does not reach to survive Gate of Isolde.

You can beat Caina with Ashley lv5, this I can confirm. However, because after this battle Ashley is healed, then the forgetfulness status is lost, therefore it makes no sense to complicate yourself in overcoming her it with low level. The reason below ...

Grauswein (any encounter) gives 10000 EXP.
That monster always opens the battle with Nuclear Sphere. The only way to survive is by equipping a Scapegoat before the battle.
Follow the same tactics of counterattacking all their regular attacks. Do not eliminate Grauswein's belly.
Winning him with Ashley lv5 or lv9, in both cases he will level up to lv 14.

That means, it's better to beat Caina with Ashley lv9 with forgetfulness, to take advantage of the HP Up boosts.

Conclusion: Ashley/Brad/Lilka lv1, Tim lv3, Kanon lv3 to 10, Marivel lv14.
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User Info: ReunionMerc5

4 years ago#3
Would you be up to try a LLG were you try to clear the game with all characters at the lowest even level?
I think the lowest is 17 for all, but I'm unsure.
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