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User Info: BSkullX

4 years ago#1
-2x Spawn (also in forest but in low probability)
-2x Blue Book (" ")
-3x Gohm (" ")
-2x Bogey (" ")
-3x Ninja Hound (" ")
-2x Iron Maiden (" ")
-2x Clay Puppet (" ")
-Shanzen, Blackou (" ")
-4x Targum (" ")
-2x Grabsk
-1x Primevals

-2x Doppelganger (also in Beach but in low probability)
-3x Imp (" ")
-2x Buer (" ")
-1x Ettin (" ")
-3x Land Anemone (" ")
-1x Asmodeus (" ")

1. Odessa Man, Odessa Man 2 and Odessa Man 3 not appear on this island, so they are missables after completing their respective dungeons.
2. Spawn is the unique monster in this island not missable in endgame. Permanently is found in Greenhell, although after complete Brad's prologue appears in low probability.
3. It is not necessary to have seen these monsters normally first in their dungeon for they appear on this island.
Mega Man 11 is available!
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  3. Enemy formations in Monster Island
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