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User Info: Horith

5 years ago#201
You need to have gotten the Monster Album, I believe. First you need access to the Odd Headquarters, which you can get to by ordering a drink from the bar in Damzen. The Odd Headquarters is about halfway between Damzen and Mt. Chug Chug, just before the terrain turns hilly. Bring an item called the Album Coupon from Thunder Lion Cage, and the attendant at the Headquarters will give you the Monster Album that you can access from the main menu. Only after that will green bubbles actually appear.
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User Info: Becca

5 years ago#202
Whoops, forgot that little detail. ...It actually never crossed my mind about having the option.

User Info: SKN

4 years ago#203
Need help Quartley doesn't show up. and I'm at the bridge area :(
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User Info: Harokaihime

4 years ago#205
SKN, by now you probably figured out where Quartley is.. But I have a save on the bridge, after Lilka City, if you want I can play and find quartley.
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User Info: Sefiros

3 years ago#206
Will upgrading Ashley's Magic Attack increase the damage of his Gun Blaze attack?

User Info: Sefiros

3 years ago#207
Anyone have a list of the Duplicator chest locations? I stole a lot of Duplicators and they're burning a hole in my pocket.

User Info: justanormalguy

2 years ago#208
I had no idea how many skills were optional/hidden... Kind of incredible
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User Info: Norse Mage121

Norse Mage121
2 years ago#209
The last time I posted in this topic was, no s***, 12 years ago. Oh my god.
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User Info: Becca

2 years ago#210
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  3. LOOK HERE before asking questions (WA2 Version 2.0) *SPOILERS*
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