Kaizo Nuzlocke - is running away cheating?

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User Info: HippyCritical

6 months ago#1
So i decided to try my first nuzlocke and went with the kaizo version for a real challenge and i have to admit its pretty hard. Ive also noticed that ive been running from the wild encounters a lot more than i usually would and im just gotting to mt moon. Is fleeing against the nature of a nuzlocke or do you tend to do it during your nuzlocke runs?
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

6 months ago#2
Your game, your rules.

Nuzlockes are a s*** challenge anyway. Nobody cares about them, so don't worry about it.

User Info: Mr_GGFan

6 months ago#3
Yeah, the thing that makes Nuzlockes really stupid is that's actually easier to beat the game by using just one Pokémon.

If you want a playthrough that actually resembles a challenge, try a no-healing run. You can never, under any circumstances, use Pokémon Centers or items that restore HP or PP. I was the first to complete a playthrough of this kind about 10 years ago. It's still not that challenging if you're familiar enough with the game and can figure out how to get around not being able to restore PP.

To make it even harder, you can impose a no-reset rule, which prevents you from abusing the save feature. What this means is that, once you start the game, you must save it before you reset.
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