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User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#1
This is the latest in the line of "The 25 things topic". In this one, I have assembled together both my own topic, and Asakura's to present a cooperative "New users topic". Anybody can feel free to offer suggestions for alterations to the topic itself, so talk away. This is officially an "Open Topic" and can be used for random discussion, and questions on in-game specifics.

All references to the "Porygon" battle system have been removed, as It's apparantly been down for some time (Thanks for the info GGFan.)

The only discussions NOT welcome are flame wars and trolling, so if anyone feels the need to attempt flaming, do it elsewhere. To everyone else, see any flames in this topic, simply mark it, then ignore it. Apart from that, relax and enjoy yourselves.

As usual, no posting in the topic before my sig appears.

In-Game specifics
1. The Mew Glitch
2. The Ditto Glitch
3. Glitch City
4. DVs, IVs & Pokemon Genes
5. Vitimins & Stat Experience
6. The Box Trick
7. Missingno
8. The SS Anne Truck
9. Stoneless Evolution
10. Getting the 3 Red/Blue Starters (Yellow Specific)
11. Dead Batteries

Message Boards
12. Common terms
13. Bold & Italics
14. FAQs
15. How to- Topic Search
16. n00bs Vs newbies
17. Don't Boast about abilities
18. Be careful when helping others
19. Team Ratings
20. Flame wars
21. This isn't G/S/C you know...
22. Beware of the Beedrills & Rabid Victribells

Online Battles
23. Online Battling
24. Online Battle rules
25. Some Basic Online Battle tactics

Further Information
25. The best Resources

User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#2
1) The Mew Glitch (Or "The biggest news in years!!!")
There are many rumours on the Internet on how to get Mew. Many of these seem to revolve around a truck near the SS Anne. All of these rumours are false.
You CAN catch Mew using a glitch. This was on April 19th 2003. I'll list how to get 2 before you fight Misty. For more information, refer to the Mew Glitch FAQ by TheScythe. The method I list here is the "Kevdude" technique.

1. Defeat all the trainers on Nugget Bridge, but do NOT fight the trainer in the grass to the left of the bridge, or the first trainer in Misty's Gym. (Don't beat Misty either)

2. Catch an Abra in the grass to the left, and place this in your party. (Yellow owners will need to see Bill first to catch an Abra in the grass around the Day-Care!) Go to directly above the trainer in the grass, making sure he's off screen. Save now as you won't be able to risk saving until after you get the first Mew.

3. Step towards the trainer, and the instant he appears, press start. Teleport back to Cerulean City. Time it right and the exclamation mark won't appear until the Teleport animation kicks in.

4. Your buttons won't work, so go to Misty's Gym and fight the first trainer, letting him swim to you. After the battle heal up (if required) and get ready to catch a level 7 Mew. {NOTE : It's been brought to my attention that talking to anyone after the battle has a very small chance of causing the game to exit the "Mew Glitch Mode", so do take care.)

5. Head back towards Nugget Bridge again. Your menu will come up by itself. Simply press B to fight your first Mew. Save after catching it if you want.

6. Now clear a way to the youngster with a Slowpoke facing up the way (He's also the first trainer facing up the way). He's your next target for another Mew. Do NOT fight him yet. (Yellow owners will have already been this way, and should have went below him.)

7. Go to do the teleport thing again with the trainer in the grass to the left, but this time make your way to the youngster. IMPORTANT - he MUST walk to you, so go to the top before going in front of him.

8. Head back to Cerulean City after the battle, and in the same spot as before the second Mew will appear. Catch him to be the proud owner of 2 Mews. Use them as you like.

2) The Ditto Glitch (or "The Clone wars")
This was by far the most common question a while ago, as it's mentioned in TheScythe's FAQ, but he doesn't have it in it's own section, making it easy to miss. Here's how to do it.

Get a Pokemon with the Special Value you want to use (21 is for Mew). Use a Gameshark Modifier list to find the correct "Special" stat you want. To convert this into Decimal (i.e. - a number that humans - not computers use), simply go into the Windows Calculator's Scientific mode and click the "hex" button. Enter the Gameshark modifier value, and then click the "Dec" button. Instant conversion. (It is easy enough to convert manually once you know how, but most casual users won't want to know how.)

Do the Teleport (ANY "Go to pokemon Centre" move can work, as long as there's a trainer who challenges you from across the screen) thing.

Fight ANY trainer who walks towards you.

Go to any place you can fight a Wild Ditto, and get one to transform into the pokemon with the Special value you want. Now finish the battle however you want.

Go to one of the "Trigger" points (Nugget Bridge, Saffron City east Exit, Lavender West Exit, Cinnabar Jetty (Left of the Gym) - there are probably other ones as well, but these are the ones I've personally used) to fight the pokemon determined by the special value.

User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#3
3) Glitch City (Or "We ain't in Kansas no more...")
This is a very simple thing to do, and newly added for the "25 things"/"New User" series of topics. Simply put, it involves a Safari Zone glitch. Here's how to do it.
1. Pay to enter the Safari Zone and save as soon as you go in.
2. Reset the game and leave the Safari one. The clerk will ask you, despite the door you just came through, if you want to enter. Say no.
3. Exit through the bottom and head to any route. After the Safari Zone time would've originally ran out (500 steps), you'll hear the PA.
4. You'll be transported back the the Safari Zone entrance. Head out the bottom. exit.
5. Congratulations - Assumming you weren't in a town when the PA went, you'll be in Glitch City. It changes by the location you were in on the PA announcment. There is one town that has a Glitch City (I can't remember which) - the rest simply just exit you from the Safari Zone at the relevant Pokemon Centres.

4) DVs, IVs and Pokemon Genes (Or "Selective breeding")
All these things are the same. They're most commonly called DVs here though.
What they actually are, is in every stat, there's a value from 0 to 15 determining how strong that pokemon is for its type. 0 is the weakest, while 15 is the strongest. A pokemon with a 15 in every stat is known as a Maxgene pokemon.
There is an excellent description on Phil Erwin's site. The link is given 2 sections down. It also has two excellent programs that can help rate your team (but is no subsitute for a human rating), and tell you exactly what your pokemon's DVs are. It's definitely worth looking at.

5) Vitamins & Stat Experience (Or "Nintendo authorised Drug Abuse")
First of all, I'll describe Stat Experience (Note : In Ruby/Sapphire, this is closely related to EV's), since it's pretty important. It's "hidden" experience you get from pokemon battles, based on the enemy pokemon's "Base Stats". Because Stat Exp. is based on the Base Stats, the enemy's level doesn't matter. You get the same Stat Exp for fighting 10 level 2 pidgeys as you would fighting 10 level 30 pidgeys.
It starts out at zero (when you first catch the pokemon or get it from an in-game trade), and increases as you battle with it. If you level it up with a Rare Candy, then no Stat Experience will have been earned for that level (Assuming it's not battled since it last levelled up)
Stat experience itself also determines how tough your pokemon is (Determined also by it's DVs) This will Max out at about 65,000 (Although your pokemon's Stats won't increase after about 63,000)

Vitamins boost your pokemon's Stat experience for that particular stat by around 2,500, going up to a maximum of 25,000 (10 vitamins). If your pokemon's already got 2,500+ experience, then you won't be able to use as many Vitamins. For this reason, it's best to feed your pokemon them BEFORE you start training it, as this gives your pokemon a head start. Of course, after the vitamins, it still needs to earn 40,000 Stat experience points to max out.
Again, there's an excellent description at Phil's website.

User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#4
6) The Box Trick (Or "101 uses for a cardboard Box")
There's been some confusion as to the Box Trick in the past, so I'll describe it here. It simply utilises a part of the code in the game that calculates the Pokemon's stats.

Normally the game calculates the Pokemon Stats when a pokemon levels up. When it does this, it checks the level, Experience, DVs, and Stat Experience, then changes the stats to what they should be.

However, there are 2 other times that the game does this. When you take a pokemon out of the PC box, and when you take it out from the Day-care centre. If you want to train up a level 100 squad-buster, then use the PC box. If you want to train only up to a certain level (for example if you're training for a Pokemon Stadium cup), then use the Day Care Centre, as that resets the Experience (but nothing else) to the minimum for that level.

All you have to do is battle loads of times, deposit the Pokemon in the location of your choice (normally the PC box), then place it back into your party. If your pokemon's gained enough stat experience, you'll see an increase in one or more stats.

7) Missingno (or "DIE GAME DIE!!!!!")
Encountering Missingno is known to glitch the game, and I personally have lost a cartridge to it. Use it if you want but I will take NO responsibility for loss of data - You have been warned.

To encounter Missingno, the simplest way is to talk to the "coffee" guy to the north of Viridian City in Red/Blue/Green ONLY, and let him show you how to catch a common Weedle. Fly or Teleport directly to Cinnabar island and surf on the right hand coast.

Depending on your name (See the strategy guide by R. Jones for full details), you will encounter pokemon and some of these may well be Missingno or 'M'.

These 2 will scramble your pokemon League Hall of Fame and will add 127 to the 6th item if it's below 127 (which it WILL be unless you've already done it). This fact allows you to get near infinite Rare Candies/PP Ups/TMs (or any item).

I suspect that Missingno scrambles other data due to personal experience, so the choice of risking it is up to you.

8) The SS Anne Truck (Or "Sorry, no vehicle rental for you.")
There are many rumours based around this truck. However, the game has been hacked several times, and the truck is simply a background tile, which can move as much as a cave wall. Any rumours you hear about this are all false.

To see the truck, you simply need to trade a pokemon that knows cut to your party from another pokemon game, and not board the SS Anne (or at least, don't speak to the captain). Surf to the right (You'll need to beat Koga before you can surf), and you'll see the truck on the land there.

You can also do it by using another glitch AFTER the SS Anne's sailed. Go to one square up to the left of the sailor that stops you going to the screen where the SS Anne is. Start to walk right and bring up the menu WHILE you're moving. Save and reset the game. Reload then SURF. Despite facing Right, you'll surf down on top of the sailor. Simply press down to visit the SS Anne once more.

User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#5
9) Stone evolving without stones (Or "Losing the Rat")
If you don’t want to fork out the money for a stone to evolve your stone evolving pokemon put the following in the second position in the line-up for the respective type of evolution stone you want:
Leaf stone - Psyduck
Fire stone - MissingNo.
Water stone - Onix
Thunder stone - Growlithe
Moon stone = Exeggutor

10) Getting the 3 starters (Or "Yellow Specifics 2.)
OK, these are simple enough.
1. Charmander - Simply speak to the trainer to the northwest of Nugget Bridge.
2. Bulbasaur - For this one, you need to keep your Pika happy. If in doubt, keep using potions. Even if the "won't have any effect" the Pika'll get happier. Alternatively, you could just defeat the elite 4 to get the Pika so happy it'll be jumping for joy (I hope that's what it's doing...). When the little thing looks happy enough, go speak to the girl in Cerulean City.
3. Squirtle - The Police Officer to the northeast of Lt. Surge's gym will give you Squirtle if you defeat Lt Surge.

11) Dead Batteries
One of the increasingly common problems posted here is dead batteries. My personal recommendation is to see about getting the batteries replaced by Nintendo (See your most recent game manual for details on contacting them)

Of course, you could also try to do it yourself, if you have soldering skills, and a screwdriver to fit the screw in the back of the game. (NOTE : I will take NO resposibility for burnt fingers, ruined games/tables/carpets/any other object if you choose to do this).

The third option is to get somebody you know with the right skills and equipment to do it for you.

User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#6
12) Common terms & Acronyms (Or "The Dictionary")
I have listed most of the common terms here in alphabetical order. Some of these have been taken from the Crystal Board's "43 questions always asked" topic for completeness.

???? Ban - Where the thing that is named is banned. Usually evasion and 00bers.
???? Clause - Where you are limited to one of a thing, such as an Alakazam, Pokemon sleeping, or Freezing.
00ber - Comes from the German word "über", meaning all-powerful. It means pokemon such as Mewtwo or Mew. These are almost always banned from online matches.
1337 - Online slang term for "Elite" or "Leet"
Amnesialax - A Snorlax that knows Amnesia
Bots - A reference to the programs on IRC that allow online Pokemon battling.
BS - Body Slam
Curslax - Doesn't exist in R/B/Y, but I mentioned it because I mention it here. Simply, it's a Snorlax with Curse, Rest, and 2 Physical attacks - normally Body Slam and Earthquake.
Double ups - A moveset where two or more attacks are of the same type. These are rarely a useful idea, as you want to cover as many types as possible with only 4 moves.
IB - Ice Beam
IRC - The place where the most experienced online Pokemon battlers fight.
EQ - Earthquake
FT - Flamethrower
G/S/C - Short for "Gold / Silver / Crystal"
Growtheon - A Flareon/ Jolteon/ Vaporeon with the move Growth (only available from NYPC, or in online battle simulators.) This is classed as a Tradeback.
Hazer - A pokemon that uses Haze to cancel out stat changes. In pure R/B/Y you'll only see these in UU battles due to their low stats.
LK - Low Kick / Lovely Kiss (Personally I keep getting the 2 mixed up due to never using Jynx)
LS - Leech Seed / Light Screen
LTU - Long Term user. Anyone who's been here regularly for longer than 6 months and is generally respected.
NB - Net Battle - currently the most common Battle system.
PBS - Pokemon Battle System. Usually refers to web-based ones rather than IRC or Netbattle.
Pseudohazer - A pokemon that forces switching. In R/B/Y a Toxic user is an example, as the opponent usually switches out to negate the effect of Toxic to that of normal poison. In later games other moves do the job far better.
R/B/Y - Short for "Red / Blue / Yellow"
Regular - A regular user who's generally (but not always) respected by all.
RMT - Short for "Rate My Team"
RS - Rock Slide
SD - Sword's Dance
STAB - Same Type Attack Bonus. Simply put, this is a 50% bonus the power of the move gets for the pokemon having the same type.
TB - Thunderbolt
TobyBro - A Slowbro that knows Thunder Wave and was specifically designed to counter mewtwo.
ToS - The rules you agreed to when you first agreed to use these Message boards. Break them and beware...
Tradeback - A pokemon that knows a R/B/Y move that it is only able to learn in the later games. An example of this is an Alakazam with Ice Punch.
TW - Thunder Wave

13) Bold & Italics (Or "Fancy writing here we come!!!")
There's no need to ask, as it's mentioned on the site's help pages, but they're listed here for completeness. Simply remove the space after the "<" symbol.

< b> This text will be Bold < /b>
< i> This will be in italics < /i>

14) FAQs (Or "Read The Friendly Manual")
The site&#8217;s called GameFAQs for a reason, y&#8217;know. Always check a FAQ if you have any game questions. If it's not in the guide by 'R Jones' (AKA - Jolt on the boards), then it's probably non-existent or isn't worth thinking about - just don't expect an indepth game walkthrough. Don't forget that some of us are willing to answer serious "ingame" questions, but don't be surprised if your question is ambushed by a couple of the more online-battling oriented regulars.

User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#7
15) How to- Topic Search (Or "Keep digging, Watson!")
There are many topics here on the message board, try looking there for your answers instead of filling the board with needless topics. If there is more than one page, you may choose to use the SEARCH topics feature located near your username (User level must be at least level 30). Also, you can try changing your display settings (click on your username above topic list) to show more topics/posts per page. And if you can&#8217;t find an answer, at least put all your questions in one topic.

16) The difference between n00bs and newbies (Or "Newcomers Vs Annoyers")
A Newbie is somebody who is simply new to the board, willing to learn, and respects the other users. Everybody was one at one time.

A n00b, on the other hand, normally goes out of his way to annoy people, posts fake stuff, and has no respect for anyone. They also normally have bad spelling, and claim to know everything.

17) Don't boast about your abilities (Or "Engage brain before mouth")
Such as being able to beat anybody in your town, or how many level 100 creatures you have. The odds are the competition you've had is nothing compared to online competition. Stick around, battle online, and get respect that way instead.

18) Be careful when helping others (Or "keeping things right")
Please make sure that your information is accurate. If you're not 100% sure, then say so. Also, don't try rating pokemon unless you know that a moveset works, but never recommend "Double up" movesets. I'd suggest sticking around for a few months helping people in their own topics before making your own "Help Centre", so that the LTUs know your advice is consistently good.

19) Team Ratings (Or "Does this work at all?")
Although there is now a distinct lack of "Rating Centres", you'll always find people willing to help with "RMT" topics. We would appreciate it if as many of these questions were kept to the same topic as possible though. If there's a "RMT" topic on the first 20 or so posts, then do try to use it if possible.

20) Flame Wars (Or "Where's that Asbestos suit?")
Never get involved in someone else's Flame War. You'll merely make yourself a target for other people. Also, please don't feed the trolls - They'll often bite the hand that feeds them.

21) This isn't G/S/C... (Or "Golden Oldies")
We would appreciate it if people kept stuff about Curslax & Groudon (or anything from the later games) to the relevant boards. The only things that will be tolerated is discussions about tradebacks. (Pokemon with moves they couldn't normally learn in R/B/Y but still existed - such as Amnesia Nidoking) Mentions of things that did not exist in the first 3 games will not be tolerated by most of the users on the "Classic" boards.

22) Online Battling (Or "Butt-kicking time!")
Another question that gets asked pretty often is how we battle online. There's a couple of ways. Here's the links to the battle systems that we use.

Net Battle - http://www.tvsian.com/netbattle/ - This program now has full R/B/Y support It's become the most popular battle system here. IRC is the choice of the veterans though.
IRC - You simply need an IRC program to access this. Try www.mirc.com to get one.

Go to #rbystadium or #purelimit, on the server irc.your-irc.net.

User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#8
23) The online battle rules. (or "Play nice folks")

1. Netbattle is currently the most active battle System. Some moves may be glitched. Check on the Netbattle message boards for the full list.

2. Unwritten rules of online battling include not using evasion boosters or Tradebacks. If you want to use Tradebacks however, agree it with your opponent in advance. Evasion is only allowed in a limited degree in "randbats" or "Challenge Cup" where you have no choice over the Pokemon or movesets, but still frowned on even then.

3. Avoid using Mewtwo & Mew. Most people will simply leave the match as these two unbalance the entire game through sheer power. Those who don't leave usually know EXACTLY how to take them down, so watch out if you use them. Many Netbattle servers will not allow you on if you use them.

4. In a tournament, follow the rules or you WILL be disqualified.

24) Some Basic Online Battle Tactics (Or "Something to Start with")

This section is designed to give some basic pointers on battling, although they could all be learned simply through experience. I've also included 3 Pokemon as examples - I could do more, but the best way to learn what works is to do your own pokemon squads rather than simply copy what's here.

Tip 1. Try to include as much variety in your squad as possible Having more than 2 Pokemon weak against any other particular type (ESPECIALLY Ice or Electric) is asking for your squad to be pounded by that type of move. Risk it if it fits your tactics, or the type isn't common anyway, like Poison or Bug.

Tip 2. On each Pokemon, put on a variety of moves. Putting, say, Body Slam and Cut on the same Pokemon is virtually pointless. However, moves that produce a Stat Change (like Sleep or Paralysis) are good to include, even if there's another move of that type.

Tip 3. Know your Type Matchups and Pokemon Stats. For example, don't even try using a Normal move on a ghost Pokemon, and please don't even dream of putting any normal attack other than Counter on Chansey - It's attack stat is so low, it almost seems to have a negative value at times.

Tip 4. Here I'll list 3 Pokemon that could typically be used in battle, along with the theory for battling. Yes, LTUs will recognise my "Powerdrill" moveset.

Beedrill - AKA Powerdrill
Hyper Beam
Swords Dance

Technique : Switch in when you predict the opponent is going to use REST. Use increase Beedrill's speed with Agility. If they leave the Pokemon in, use a Sword's Dance to power up while the Pokemon still sleeps. On the next move, use Twineedle or Hyper Beam, depending on if the opponent's pokemon is weak to Bug moves or not. Keep attacking till it faints. In other words - hit fast, hit hard.

Downside : Needs to power up before it'll work well, and will die from a single STAB Psychic from all but one Pokemon...

Golem - AKA Standard Golem
Body Slam
Rock Slide

Technique : Keep hitting hard with whichever move should do the most damage, and when it looks bad, go BOOM to do major damage to the opponent, hopefully killing one of their special attackers.

Downside : Insanely weak against grass, water, and Ice Moves. Ground Moves also do a lot of damage against it. Besides, Golem is expected to Explode eventually, so if you're gonna go boom, do it before they can switch to a Gengar.

User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#9
Alakazam - AKA Standard Alakazam
Thunder Wave

Technique : Reflect bolsters 'kazam's weak defence, T-Wave paralyses all but ground types, and Psychic hits your opponent. Recover if you need health, and continue on battling.

Downside : Weak defence, and only one attacking move, meaning low versatality against different types. Still, there's not really any Pokemon strong against Psychic.

25) The best resources (Or "The Magazine rack")
Apart from the GameFAQs Message boards, there are several places you can look for information. They are;

The FAQ by R. Jones (Also known on the board as Jolt) - Just don't expect an in-depth walkthrough, but there's almost everything else imaginable included.
Azure Heights - http://www.math.miami.edu/~jam/azure/ - One of the best resources of information for R/B/Y on the internet.
Phil Erwin's Site - www.geocities.com/thelegendarydogs/ - G/S/C oriented, but an excellent source of information, as well as two great tools.
Jolt's PKUtility - http://www.geocities.com/sadisticmystic1/pkutility.zip - Requires Microsoft Excel or a 100% compatible spreadsheet to run, but an excellent utility.
Gameshark Code Fan Club - Their current topic is on the Pokemon Crystal board, but they'll cover your code requests for any pokemon game.
Meowth's site: http://user.yagb.de/meowth346/ - good Ru/Sa info and online calculators
My personal Site - www.uk.geocities.com/gunbladelad77/ - For simplicity, I've collected Phil's 2 excellent programs (with the latest RMT moves update), and Jolt's invaluable "PKUtility" into one Winzip file. Otherwise it's only worth looking at for a couple of Playstation-specific game guides which are also on GameFAQs...
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User Info: nighteyes

13 years ago#10
Here we go folks!

Another "25 things" topic up and running.

Now if I could just remember how to arrange the "sticky" option...
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