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  3. How'd you feel if Capcom retcom Ken to be a black character?

User Info: KidFlashYJ

1 month ago#81
I'd be confused and mad.

"Look guys, Ryu's best friend is black!!!!"

Ken is a white dude with Japanese mixed n. No need to change that.

User Info: Bass_X0

1 month ago#82
lovethepeace posted...
I'm just trying to understand your opinion bro, are you ever going to post it?

You're black yourself aren't you.
"Well, it's not a bad game. It's made by Capcom, so how could it?" ~ AVGN

User Info: VanCityPlayboy

1 month ago#83
KidFlashYJ posted...
Ken is a Japanese dude with a 1/4 white

FTFY, Ken is honestly 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 White

proof here @KidFlashYJ


User Info: VanCityPlayboy

1 month ago#84
VanCityPlayboy posted...
as a Ken main here, I think that would be bizarre kinda similar to Dee Jay and he would end up having dreadlocks like Abigail and still turn out like Dee Jay

being a bit more specific to this it's like Dee Jay body from SF4 series with Abigail's Battle costume dreadlocks, it'd be extremely bizarre

User Info: Dragonkeeper82

1 month ago#85
I would rather see Ken stay Caucasian and be left out of and bring in a whole new character that is completely new/unique that is African American.

User Info: Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem
1 month ago#86
I would laugh my ass off if they got a white guy to play Black Panther. Don’t even paint him black. Just let him be white and have them call him the Black Panther anyway. I would actually pay to watch that s***.

User Info: Bass_X0

1 month ago#87

“Ultra Street Fighter 2” wonderfully brought things home for franchise fans when it launched for the Nintendo Switch on Friday, but something about the game just didn’t seem right to some.
As players may have already noticed, the game brought back familiar faces, which of course deserve some virtual hugs.
Unfortunately, in this day and age, they arguably appear more like victims of racism than nostalgic treats. We’re talking about Evil Ryu and Violent Ken whom, according to Mic, have not been playable in nearly 15 years.
For context, the two are simply alternate, evil versions of protagonist Ryu and his best friend/rival Ken. But what’s turning us off is the fact that their skin was made darker to serve the purpose of characterization.
This of course draws back to the old stereotype that assumes one only needs to have a darker skin to become a villain, or to say in the least, that darker-skinned people are bad people.
It must be noted that the original Violent Ken, who first appeared in a game called “SNK vs. Capcom”, had the same light skin as the real Ken. Apparently, someone somewhere introduced a darker skin tone of the character that has sadly stuck since.
It may be because game developers wanted to retain the characters’ looks, but perhaps it won’t hurt to diversify things after more than a decade. It’s not just for the old fans, after all.

"Well, it's not a bad game. It's made by Capcom, so how could it?" ~ AVGN

User Info: EsperStarr

1 month ago#88
Dumb asf. I like Ken for who is and black ppl need their own Kool ass character. f*** is this twisted hand me down s***... And I'm black.
Life imitates art
PSN: EsperKazumi CFN: Esperstarr
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  3. How'd you feel if Capcom retcom Ken to be a black character?
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