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  3. Who is your favorite character in a fighting game? In terms of kit, moveset, etc

User Info: Need2KnowLion

3 days ago#1

User Info: GunkoGunko

3 days ago#2
CFN: Gunkooo (PSN), HajimeNoGunko (PC), DOJO: Gunkoism

User Info: KungGuld

3 days ago#3
Definite tie between Poison and Kunimitsu

User Info: cyric79

3 days ago#4
Based PURELY on moveset (and not looks), Setsuka from the Soul Calibur games is the best.
Trying to execute her just frame attacks is lots of fun.
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User Info: TheBoobMaster

3 days ago#5
Definitely Hilde from SC. I absolutely love her charge mechanics.

I liked Juri in SFIV for a similar reason but that character is dead now.

As for the visual designs there are too many to name.

User Info: Magnetronous

3 days ago#6
Terry Bogard. No one even comes close to him in how cool a character is. And I'm not even that big a KOF fan.
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User Info: Richardthe3rd

3 days ago#7
It's always gonna be Chun Li.

The way shes been animated since third strike and the utility of her moves is my favorite. Not to mention her design is unique and amazing.
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User Info: RoyMustang1990

3 days ago#8
Riza Hawkeye
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User Info: playboydojo

3 days ago#9
Tough, tough, tough call. Tomoka in Fighting Climax is so satisfying to play, but Super Skrull in MvC3 is so satisfying to watch.

I might have to give it to Skrull for that little taunt-stomp.
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User Info: Tidus1012

3 days ago#10
Probably Seigfried from Soul calibur.

His weapon is cool (large sword) specially his soul calibur from SC4.

Have an awesome moveset (and deals a lot of damage), has variety in it and have 3 different stances.
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  3. Who is your favorite character in a fighting game? In terms of kit, moveset, etc
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