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  3. What do you think SF6's roster would be like?

User Info: Kingslime304

4 weeks ago#1
I now gaining some interest in the next games roster. - Results (10 votes)
Mostly characters from SFV, with also just newcomers
20% (2 votes)
Some from SFV, some vets. that aren't in SFV, as well as some newcomers
60% (6 votes)
50/50 on the newcomers, and vets
10% (1 vote)
Similar to MK11, based on the previous installment with some vets not from SFV, and few newcomers
0% (0 votes)
10% (1 vote)
This poll is now closed.
Just wondering in case.

User Info: DarkDoc

4 weeks ago#2
Most of the newcomers suck.

Add in the fan favorites first. Think about SFV characters afterwards

User Info: Octavarium

4 weeks ago#3
Octavarium posted...
The original 12 World Warriors:

1. Ryu
2. E. Honda
3. Blanka
4. Guile
5. Ken
6. Chun-Li
7. Zangief
8. Dhalsim
9. Balrog
10. Vega
11. Sagat
12. M. Bison

Slot in some SF3 reps:

13. Alex
14. Gill (finally a balanced Gill)
15. Ibuki
16. Sean
17. Yun
18. Yang

Super Turbo reps:

17. Cammy
18. Akuma

Alpha reps:

19. Sakura
20. Gen
21. Karin

Final Fight reps:

22. Cody
23. Guy or Zeku (does Zeku count? Since he's a Bushinryu fighter)

SF4 reps:

24. Abel
25. Juri
26. Gouken

SF5 reps:

27. Laura (if Sean's in, she ought to be)
28. Rashid
29. Menat (She's my main so it goes without saying)
30. Kage (Yes.)
Currently playing Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (Alpha 3 as Ryu) and Street Fighter 5 (as Menat)

User Info: KillerKhan420

4 weeks ago#4
It'll be 4 characters with the next 26 being dlc! It'll be the ultimate games as a service game. Online only, no single player, no options, just practice mode until you get matched up.
"I know how the business works because I'm a wrestling fan"-hulkhogan1
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  3. What do you think SF6's roster would be like?
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