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  3. Just started playing. What's up with the 5 bar connections?

User Info: TwoBit_Samurai

1 month ago#1
Most have been fine, a few have been unplayable. Should I just search 3 to 5 and hope that my opponent isn't leeching his neighbors wifi?
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User Info: DarkDoc

1 month ago#2
SFV online, lol.

User Info: GanglyKhan

1 month ago#3
Set it to 5. At lower ranks, you'll have enough people to pull from to get games. At higher ranks, people actually care about their connection so it won't be an issue turning that filter on if yours is good too.
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User Info: pizzacat83

1 month ago#4
paper airplane netcode
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User Info: playboydojo

1 month ago#5
TwoBit_Samurai posted...
Should I just search 3 to 5

No. 3 bars qualifies as torture and violates the Geneva Convention.
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User Info: Vulcan422

1 month ago#6
If you're on PC, set it to 4-5 bars since it factors in your PC's performance in addition to the connection quality. Anything 3 and below may cause disruptions.

If you're on console, 5 bars only. Console has lower stability than PC so you'll experience more hiccups at anything below 5 bars, especially against PC players. Console players have a big disadvantage against PC.
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User Info: Hassun

1 month ago#7
Set it to 4-5, then set it to manually accepting a match. When you get a hit, you get to see the bars. Wait a second or two to see if the bars drop. If they do, don't accept the match.
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User Info: michaelangelo

1 month ago#8
I find connection 4-5 matching your same system is the safest way to go. Ps4 to ps4 and pc to pc. Sometimes I open up my ps4 to PC but typically PC players are a little laggier for some reason when I'm on my ps4 (wired).
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