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User Info: fretless58

2 years ago#1
Abigail: “You’re built like a brick house! I think I’ll call you The Bigail!”
Akuma: “Give me everything you’ve got! I’m about to make you famous!”
Alex: “Don’t hold back! The ring is made for fighting!”
Balrog: “Your punches have no effect on me! You need to hit harder! HARDER!”
Birdie: “That technique! That style… You’re Titan’s tag partner!”
Blanka: “So, you trying to bite me or what?! Make up your mind!”
Cammy: “Whether past, present or future, The Gief will always be the best!”
Chun-Li: “I make my living in the ring! It’s no place for amateurs!”
Cody: “The Gief will be named champion of the Metro City Champion Series!”
Dhalsim: “Spitting fire isn’t a yoga move. It’s a move reserved for heels!”
Ed: “You look pretty tough! This should be good practice!”
Falke: “Maybe I’ll join your army! I’ll be your strongest grappler!”
F.A.N.G: “Hey! Is that poison on your hands? You should be spitting it instead!”
G: “I’m the champion of the World! It’s what drives me to fight!”
Guile: “I don’t care much for conflict. But I’ll defeat you anyway!”
Ibuki: “Use weapons… Explosives even… I won’t be defeated!”
Juri: “Listen up! I live my life the way I see fit!”
Kage: “Hey! Isn’t it a bit early for you to turn heel now?”
Karin: “I don’t know who you think you are, but I’m on another level!”
Ken “Gwahahaha! The Gief couldn’t care less about the fans!”
Kolin: “Hard work pays off in the end! That goes for heels too…”
Laura: “Spirit! Those who lack it have no business setting foot in the ring!”
M. Bison: “Strength and faith always prevail! That’s just the way it is!”
Menat: “The Gief cares not for your pathetic fortunes!”
Nash: “Huh? You dead or something? You’re a strange one, that’s for sure!”
Necalli: “A style I’ve yet to see… It won’t stop me from smashing you!”
Rashid: “Your attacks are too predictable! I can read you like a book!”
R. Mika: “Zangief? Who’s he? I’m the Gief!”
Ryu: “Enough! It’s time to settle this!”
Sagat: “Is that the best an emperor can do? I’ll be on top before long!”
Urien: “You can’t tackle me like that! I’m like a truck with no brakes!”
Vega: “Hey! Ref! No weapons allowed!”
Zangief: “We’re two sides of the same coin, but I’m the stronger side!”
Zeku: “The Gief is invincible! Get outta here with that ninja nonsense!”

User Info: YoungThugger

2 years ago#2
fretless58 posted...
Balrog: “Your punches have no effect on me! You need to hit harder! HARDER!”

Ok Gief. I see you.

User Info: Stephen707

2 years ago#3
These are pretty good. Also thank you for writing these all out.
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User Info: Sonnyb4u

2 years ago#4

User Info: Genzanin

2 years ago#5
Lol the Dhalsim and Kage are pure genius!!
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User Info: fretless58

2 years ago#6
Oops, missed one.

Sakura: "I'm actually a fan of the student look when it comes to a gimmick!"
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