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  3. So we can finally agree there are no Free DLC characters

User Info: Jebediah

3 months ago#1
The rumors and speculation that there would be 2 free DLC characters between Season 3 and 4 can be laid to rest with there only being a few weeks left till Capcom Cup and the launch of Season 4.


User Info: Reuenthal

3 months ago#2
Why even bring this back up?

User Info: CraiCrushna

3 months ago#3
Prolly not now. One can hope for free content after CapCup.

User Info: DarkDoc

3 months ago#4
Capcom never said there would be anything for free.

If they didn't say it, it won't happen.

User Info: Monster-one

3 months ago#5
It wouldn't be free but it would be through fighting chance. And it can be released both at once like Sagat and g or intervals. Are you telling me that capcom have been mute for four monthd only to announce rose?
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User Info: GrandMast3r

3 months ago#6
Come on, this is Capcom we're talking about. They ain't giving s*** free. Only free things you can get are the monthly extra batlle costumes if you play smart, and the fortune costumes.

User Info: VermilionX

3 months ago#7
GrandMast3r posted...
They ain't giving s*** free.

they gave us free story skins for ryu and chun

also gave us free guile stage

it's not a big deal... but it was free
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User Info: ZeroBeats Ghost

ZeroBeats Ghost
3 months ago#8
VermilionX posted...
also gave us free guile stage

The Guile stage required someone to have gotten the Season 1 character pass, so technically you were still spending money in order to get it.
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User Info: Vulcan422

3 months ago#9
Capcom doesn't believe in the word "free".

If they did, this system wouldn't be so restrictive.
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User Info: orcman905

3 months ago#10
How do you define free ?

I got all my dlc characters and stages and crossover costumes without spending a dime. That's free enough for me. In total i spend 60.00 cad (50 on a used game) in the span of almost 3 years while playing almost daily. This game feel practically free for me.
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