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User Info: different_level

5 months ago#1
If it's because of life events it doesn't count. Basically was there a point where it felt like you've moved on from the game because you got into other games, you were so disappointed with some of the SFV features, you needed a break from the additional stress it provides or you simply got bored with it at the time?

By longer I mean at least a month away from the game.
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User Info: indie_animator

5 months ago#2
Hey, no one responded. Almost missed this.
Longest I've been away is two weeks- when I can't get to my family's place for a weekend to play.
I can't get bored with this. There's constantly new content. And I have a few rivals who like to play online vs most weekends.

Only feel slight stress in ranked, but play it less than anything else. I should play it more to go higher....

Heck, I played Skullgirls for four years, and the last few characters came out quite a while ago.
I only dropped it when BBCTB came out so I could focus more on that game. :)
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User Info: DemonCurse69

5 months ago#3
Usually when I finally decide to tackle my back log or a new release I'm interested in comes out. Got the Bioshock collection on sale awhile back. Didn't get around to Arkham Knight until a few months ago. After that, I tackled REmakeHD and RE0HD. Every couple of days I throw in Doom. RE7 had me hooked for a good while after it came out.
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User Info: mustain2121

5 months ago#4
I did for about 4 months. I would occasionally just do the high FM weekly challenge in line a minute and turn it off. I wasn't happy with how I was performing. My friend convinced me to come back and train Guile which I started doing recently. I might quit again; I keep falling in the habit of playing this game like previous games and I suffer as a result.
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User Info: dakar

5 months ago#5
I have....
several times...
mostly cause I feel like playing other stuff
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User Info: nhat

5 months ago#6
I'm not a pvp player, I mostly play mmos but I still love SF and FGs in general. I just take breaks because I just like pve games more overall but I always come back to SF5 at least a few times a week
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User Info: AfroPrime

5 months ago#7
I've taken plenty of breaks from this game in order to play other games, but not because I am disappointed in SFV or anything like that. I love this game, but I also like to play other games too.
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User Info: dafreestyleking

5 months ago#8
I recently started back playing, and before that I didn't play at all since march. I was burnt out playing, but I would still watch matches and tourney vids occasionally. Simply watching sfv and playing it yourself are 2 different beasts.The constant offensive nature of the game can wear you down sometimes. It could be an age thing too. In my younger days I would play sf(or any video game) on a daily basis. Now, if I play sfv, it's usually on the weekend, or I have a day off work.

I played last saturday, and even that was only 3 matches lol.

User Info: The_Numerous

5 months ago#9
Tekkens pulling me away lately, it's f***ing Lei way! Soul Calibur will do the same for a bit at least. Even when I was only playing SF tho, towards the end it was lobbies with friends, if V was even included, it quickly started turning to "so...4? 30th?"

I'll come back at some point, SF is bae
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User Info: EsperStarr

5 months ago#10
Every single fighting game I do this with but always come back.

From this game?
The first year, I took about a month hiatus and then played for like 2 weeks for another month hiatus. It was after Season 1 was done and I was just exhausted and playing Bloodborne haha
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