Is SFV more fun than Tekken 7?

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User Info: abrasivemurk

6 days ago#1
Arcade edition is on sale so I was wondering if SFV is better/more fun than T7 or DBFZ.

User Info: Vulcan422

6 days ago#2
Depends entirely on you.

Personally I find SF5 more fun than DBFZ, but less fun than Tekken 7.
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User Info: masterman97

6 days ago#3
Responses won’t be biased at all.
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User Info: Akuumuu

6 days ago#4
masterman97 posted...
Responses won’t be biased at all.

To be fair, it's impossible to answer "is X more fun than Y" without bias.
I think they are both solid but I do enjoy the treasure fights and being able to customize your fighters in tekken.
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User Info: SerenitySays

6 days ago#6
Both games are fun in different ways. Tekken is the winner if you're looking for single player content. SFV if you're looking to play online/offline multiplayer.

User Info: Ma1ikii

6 days ago#7
They're both fun in their own way.
Anyways, thanks for reading this everybody!
Have a spectacular day!

User Info: WalkingPlague

6 days ago#8
I'd much rather play SFV. However, that's not saying Tekken 7 is garbage.
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User Info: kollie89

6 days ago#9
masterman97 posted...
Responses won’t be biased at all.

And so far you’ve been proven wrong

User Info: flaire

6 days ago#10
tekken 7 dominates all

but yeah personal preference
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