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User Info: SoaD0031

8 months ago#1
Does he have any?
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User Info: Vulcan422

8 months ago#2
Urien has to constantly fish for stray hitconfirms and counter hits so just block until he pushes himself out and tech when he goes in for a throw.

His overheads are slow as f*** and easily reactable. Most of the time he will use his target combo which is one of his main was of canceling into Aegis Reflector so you can just block low and then high.

If you blocked and he activated Aegis, V-Reversal. Doesn't matter what version he used. Even if it hits you, you just knocked him away so he can't get anything off of it.

Headbutt whiffs against crouchers so you can just crouch block all day and react to his overheads.

If you're good at AAing, Knee Drop is super punishable. If you don't expect it, watch his spacing. If he doesn't land at point blank range, he's safe. EX Knee Drop is 0 on block I believe so if you have a 3f normal you can beat anything he tries to do.

All Tackles are punishable unless he hits at the absolute tail end of the animation, which is very hard to do compared to most other forward-moving specials.

Do not jump if he has V-Skill activated. He can just absorb the hit and knock you down with an armored Headbutt.
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User Info: Shin_Akuma76

8 months ago#3
SoaD0031 posted...
Does he have any?

An air-conditioned room
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User Info: FireElmo

8 months ago#4
SoaD0031 posted...
Does he have any?

A stable connection.
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User Info: FightingGames

8 months ago#5
urien's weakness is that his neutral pacing is slow AF. You get plenty of time to download him while he's wasting his time throwing fireballs and laggy ass knee drops

User Info: Gilfar14

8 months ago#6
He has pretty weak AA options Which is why Cammy can pretty much run him over with divekicks in the MU

User Info: StrangerDanger2

8 months ago#7
He doesn't have any moves that cover the top of his head reliably making him susceptible to cross ups and certain jump ins.

Thats literally it lol.

User Info: DemonCurse69

8 months ago#8
Gilfar14 posted...
He has pretty weak AA options Which is why Cammy can pretty much run him over with divekicks in the MU

Factually false.

User Info: MLaw3k

8 months ago#9
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User Info: afireinside7844

8 months ago#10
f.MP and cr.HP (and st.HK i guess? kinda just covers the same range) are his only meterless anti airs so as long as you aren't jumping at that range he can't do a lot. EX headbutt is strong - as charge anti airs are - and v skill armor is strong, but those both have prerequisites (in the form of meter, or in the form of v skill. either way you know when it's coming or not)

"poor" defense to certain things, very good vs others. no 3f. and unlike basically every other reversal, his EX headbutt can be meatied w lights and you can still block if he throws it out. depends on who u are b/c some characters have better light meaties, some are poor. but basically try to avoid those big, slow, CC fishing meaties when you are expecting a wakeup, and you're gucci. throws are also less good vs urien's wakeup, due to wakeup headbutt and wakeup st.hk pulling his hurtbox back, so use them sparingly but he *is* 4f so throws are stronger in that sense as you can tick at +1 instead of +2

he has long ranged but generally negative buttons. moving around a lot makes it hard for him to keep good spacing
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