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User Info: pizzacat83

9 months ago#11
If anything, it's poor etiquette to not take the match seriously. The only rules of etiquette with online gaming are:

1) Do not use any external means to materially affect the game (e.g. lag switch)
2) Do not knowingly abuse glitches and exploits (lol, level select cheat in MKvsDC)
3) Do not rage quit, it is technically cheating since it makes matches zero sum

Besides that, do whatever it takes to win, since PvP is all about winning.
EDIT: If the match is too laggy to be playable, quitting during round 1 is acceptable. Don't try to take the win and then leave if you're about to lose, because then you become The Boy (or Girl) Who Cried Lag.
If there are more than three frames of delay, I will dashboard.
If there are any overt lag spikes, I will dashboard.

User Info: different_level

9 months ago#12
Vulcan422 posted...
There is no such thing as poor etiquette unless it's a ragequit.
Would you kindly?

User Info: Gaming4dummies

9 months ago#13
Thanks guys!
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User Info: Bipson

9 months ago#14
I think its impolite to throw your opponents without washing your hands first.
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User Info: blackhrt

9 months ago#15
Gaming4dummies posted...
Or is there a limit to how many times is acceptable?
I don’t mean if your opponent leaves themselves exposed to a counterattack and you just toss them.
I’m talking about they are blocking and you just chuck them. Again and again.

There will be new players to fighting games TC.
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User Info: playboydojo

9 months ago#16
Gaming4dummies posted...
I’m talking about they are blocking

That is exposing themselves. Throws are explicitly designed to punish blocking. This was the original Rock, Paper, Scissors of Street Fighter: throwing > blocking > attacking > throwing.

What else would a character with no overhead (or one with a telegraphed 22f start up and still leaves them even on hit) do against crouch blocking? Even chip damage is recoverable. There needs to be a threat that gives you reason to not block occasionally.
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User Info: soggytoast11

9 months ago#17
Throwing is the most important part of the game.

Without throws there are no mixups. You both just sit there and block until time runs out.

User Info: Number090684

9 months ago#18
Only poor etiquette in online games is raqe quitting, lag switching, repeated taunting / teabagging in a short period of time, swearing / insulting them over the mic and hate mail. Anything the game let's you do gameplay wise that doesn't completely break the game and make it completely unplayable for other players is usually fine and fair.
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User Info: Gaming4dummies

9 months ago#19
Ok great.
I just felt bad because sometimes my opponent will just turtle, so I grab them.
Over and over if they let me.
I can tell it pisses some off as they then try to throw me repeatedly.
Haha, I’m just expecting it at that point and tech out of it.
"It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man."

User Info: dakar

9 months ago#20
There's no such thing as poor online etiquettes
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