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  3. Why does nobody talk about Akuma's stand mk?

User Info: Damastah101

8 months ago#11
IMO EX Shakunetsu is more BS than Akuma st.MK. That damn fireball does waaaaaay too much unscaled damage.
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User Info: dakar

8 months ago#12
Akuma wasn't so great In the marvel vs capcom games though....or at least there were several other better people... didn't stop him from having pathetic health
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User Info: Kakashi_Lawyer

8 months ago#13
Egok posted...
It's strong but there's plenty of normals in this game that are as good or even better. Akuma is glass canon so it makes sense he has some very good normals.

St. Mk itself is -2 on block and if he cancels it into a regular fireball it becomes -8? It also has fairly high recovery (it received a nerf in 3.5 I believe).

Why would you ever cancel it into a fireball on block when the grey damage from doing st.mk again or using it as a frametrap for another button is way more beneficial. LOL
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User Info: Kakashi_Lawyer

8 months ago#14
serpentaurus posted...
Also, since when is 925 health, 950 stun glass canon?

Glass canon is 800 health seth and 450 health phoenix in mvc3. This character has way too much health for what he can do.

Akuma is way stronger than Seth was when he was 800 in sfiv for the current sfv meta. If capcom wanted to balance akuma with health, it would have to go down to 700ish health and also hit him a 800 stun downgrade.

They dont want to balance akuma. If they do proper balance to akuma, tokido would go down in charts and their sfv "competitive" image would be in danger.

Tokido would be fine. H e would jsut use somebody else.

But you are right Capcom has no interest in properly balancing a character like Akuma because too much of the fanbase would complain if he isnt overpowered.
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User Info: MLaw3k

8 months ago#15
Pretty much everyone talks about this button and knows it's dumb. Gamefaqs doesn't count as serious discussion about the game doesn't happen here. I play Akuma now and the crazy thing is even if you took it away he's still broken as s***.
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User Info: SpiralSwords

8 months ago#16
Akuma has an answer for every situation.
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User Info: Mushdog

8 months ago#17
SpiralSwords posted...
Akuma has an answer for every situation.

yeah. it doesn't matter how much health and stun you have if you're always on offense. Some of akuma's offensive options need to be toned down a bit.
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User Info: TheMKDestroyer

8 months ago#18
Akuma has counters to your counters. It's f***ing ridiculous.

User Info: dafreestyleking

8 months ago#19
It's because they're using his cr.hp all the time.

User Info: ShinBison88

8 months ago#20
Glad most people agree and there only being the select few who don't.
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