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User Info: Vulcan422

11 months ago#1
PSN/SF5 ID: Vulcan422
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User Info: Alexichu

11 months ago#2
Thank you
PSN Sonic_1985, CFN: Sonic_Hedgehog
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User Info: GunkoGunko

11 months ago#3
CFN: Gunkooo (PSN), HajimeNoGunko (PC)

User Info: LouieKablouie

11 months ago#4
If those ain't the most 50/50 quality animations I've ever seen.
Lovecraftian Space Cowboy

User Info: icelos

11 months ago#5
How can she use psycho power? Is she the daughter of M. Bison or something?
Being alive is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment.

User Info: GunkoGunko

11 months ago#6
I love how her staff changes depending on the costume.

Also, what the f*** did I just watch?
CFN: Gunkooo (PSN), HajimeNoGunko (PC)

User Info: majere613

11 months ago#7
I like the Story costume too, interesting to see what colours it comes in. Gameplay-wise she reminds me a little of Billy from KOF. Props for countering Bison with a head-stomp :P

Not too long to wait, either.

User Info: darkdragon_9600

11 months ago#8
Hah, I love her shooting animations. The CA looks kinda lame, though.

And dayum, she thicc.
Only by cooking with tin foil can one get something so half-baked.
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User Info: AngelSeven

11 months ago#9
Her story costume is cute AF. She looks fun, but seems like she lacks personality. CA could be better, too. And it is pronounced Falke (one syllable) lol.
If you are strong you live, if you are weak you die. That is the true law of nature.

User Info: Ma1ikii

11 months ago#10
She's ok.
Anyways, thanks for reading this everybody!
Have a spectacular day!
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