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User Info: danutzsrl

1 year ago#31
Hello and thank you very much for sharing.
Much appreciate!
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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#33
People tea bag in this game?
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: Jaded_Dragon

5 months ago#34
Buffer(ing): Buffering refers to entering commands for a command move in anticipation of an opponents action, after hit confirming, or during another move, but without actually doing the attack unless one of those situations presents itself. You are essentially storing the command for a short time.

One of the most common examples of buffering is the standard shoto BnB j.HK, c.MK, Hadouken, CA.

In this scenario you would want to hit confirm the j.HK or the c.MK to determine whether or not you should use your CA. As I'm sure you know, the command for the Hadouken is QCF P and the command for the CA is QCFx2 P.

The buffering in this scenario works two ways.

1) By entering the QCF for the Hadouken, you have already completed one of the QCF's necessary for the CA input.

2) After the Hadouken, you input the second QCF but DO NOT PRESS PUNCH! You've now buffered in the second QCF for the CA cancel during the animation for the Hadouken. From here you have a decision to make.

Did any of the previous hits land? If so, go ahead and press punch and let that CA rip. If not, you don't press punch and you save your meter.

This is a more advanced tactic in fighting games as it involves hit confirming successfully and having enough control to not immediately press punch on the second QCF as one is prone to do (or releasing punch if using negative edge).

Some other examples of buffering include:

At just outside of sweep range, in neutral, you switch between blocking and quickly entering in the motion for a DP in anticipation of your opponent dashing in or jumping. You only press the final attack button if one of those two things happen. This would go hand in hand with reading your opponents tendencies to do either of those options.

Buffering in both of the full 360 spins required for Zangiefs CA during his dash. You've probably seen this done a million times, or even done it yourself once or twice without realizing it was called buffering. Just dash in, and during the dash animation, you do the full 2 spins and press punch the moment the dash animation ends.

Another one you will commonly see in SFV is any character with a CA that will punish a jump in. You may notice that the this person keeps going between crouching and standing rapidly. This is almost always a sure fire tell that they are buffering the input for their CA in preparation for the other person to jump.
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