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User Info: EsperStarr

1 year ago#1
You thought it was ovaaaahhh but, I'm a back - OH! Esperstarr got yo back - OH! I thought I told yaaaaaaaaaa!!!
(USE THIS GUIDE TO UNLOCK ALL 6 SEASON 3 CHARACTERS.. Stay focused and don't splurge on other things! Or use weeklies to fill in what you splurge on.)

Here we go, again, loves. Another Tutorial for another round of the the Street Fighter Carnivaleee. Feels like a carnival right? But, Pleasure or Pain? I'm down for both but I'll try to make this is EASY for you all who want to keep track of the game's shenanigans and reap the rewards more consistently.

I am basically making this guide to set some things straight and to provide a reference means for those who tend to forget or are new to the game. It is a follow up to my previous guide for unlocking Season 1 and 2 characters in Vanilla SFV.

*** Because of the new structure of this game's FM system, the gap between new AE owners and Vanilla owners and the rotation of old content's FM along with the new content's FM, this tutorial will stand more as a catalogue of the Mode's EXP output rather than a straight tutorial/guide. I'm sure Capcom will have a list of this type of thing on their site, but not on this site...and that's where I come in. Also, I may have more nuanced and in-depth information as some forms seem to do over the official people anyway. I will also be including a Mini Guide for new players and if you owned Vanilla and lost the chance to get raw Fight Money Rewards. Don't worry. *holds your hand* I'm here for you. Ok.


*Please remember that while you don't need PlayStation plus for this, you still need to be connected to the internet to unlock FM*

*ARCADE EDITION OWNERS*: This guide is for you to SAVE FM for characters rather than go bananas buying stuff. Don't worry, you will still have FM left over and other opportunities for other content. Of course, you can buy whatever you want as my guide only covers "easy" content.

*VANILLA SFV OWNERS*: If you missed out on the raw payouts the modes used to give out, you can only gain FM thru leveling up now. This guide will come in handy and you can use the below catalogue as reference to record your progress. You still have weeklies and such to fill what Fight money you don't have.

***This guide will include a basic path for a single character play-through that includes Fight Money acquired from Level Ups after completing new and old modes. Use this guide and stack up PER character. If you have any questions or see a potential error, please feel free to PM me. Without further adieu..

* New Characters - 100, 000FM or $5.99 / € 5.99
* New Stages - 70, 000FM or $3.99 / € 3.99
* Alternate Stage - 40, 000FM or $1.99 / € 1.99
* Story Costumes - 40, 000FM or $1.99 / € 1.99
* Premium Costumes - $3.99 / € 3.99

I'm done with this shieeet.
Feel Free to request Sticky!
Life imitates art
PSN: EsperKazumi CFN: Esperstarr
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User Info: EsperStarr

1 year ago#2
Important Information:
- Fight Money is the in-game currency used for unlocking content.

- You can use Fight Money to unlock characters, story outfits, BGM, stages, titles and more but CANNOT use it to unlock PREMIUM/SEASONAL OUTFITS.

- In Vanilla SFV, all modes rewarded one-time lump sums of Fight Money after completeing them once PER difficulty AND exp for level ups that rewarded more Fight Money.

- In Arcade Edition, you will only get EXP from most modes and will aid in level ups for the FM.

- Last time I focused on the base 16 characters and transitioned into the DLC characters; this time, I will do a simple outline of one character from scratch and list the EXP gained, the amount of levels you will gain along with a total of FM from leveling up per mode and difficulty.

- There will also be a general list of EXP totals per mode and raw Fight Money payouts, if applicable. {Include if EXP amounts have changed}

- This outlines how much FM you will receive if you play with ONE character starting from level 1. Using this guide, each character will be brought from level 1 to level 19 allowing you to acquire 19, 000FM from doing Beginner content per character playthrough for a GRAND TOTAL of 532, 000FM.

- I used Sakura from lvl 1 to test this road out but, you may use whomever you want. It'd make sense to use Sakura while she is free. Note that she is not included in the Grand Total of 532, 000FM as she is not in the base roster of Arcade Edition and needs to be purchased.

+++ This will also introduce and give you intimate time with each character to understand them more. Maybe you will even fall in love with a character you didn't think you would and at the very least you will learn something new.+++

+++ With all that out of the way, let's get...dangerouuss, Darkwing Duck!

Arcade Edition Beginner's Route/Guide - No Hard/Extreme Survival or Online Play Needed

If you do this with each of the original 28 Arcade Edition characters, you will have a total of 532, 000FM from leveling up. That's enough for 5 of the 6 DLC characters. Playing with any of the DLC characters, will grant you an extra 19,000FM per character from level ups. Follow this tutorial to stack up for all 6 characters and then do that content for the new characters to stack up for more.

*** No matter what order you decide to play the content listed below, you will end up with the same results. This is strictly for characters. Buying other content will obviously set you off track a bit but don't worry, there is enough content to get extra stuff.

PHEW. Now that that's over...:

RULE: Every time a character levels up, you will receive 1000FM. Without ever touching Hard/Extreme Survival or going online, your character will be at level 19 by the end of this glorious Beginner's Journey. You may take your character beyond level 19 as character levels are kinda this game's version of player rank. It just shows how much you play with the character (how "good" you are).
NOTHING IS FARMABLE, except winning online and Farmable Extra Battle Content.
Constant rotation of Fight Money events from Weekly Targets and Extra Battle will also grant you certain amounts of FM when available.
Life imitates art
PSN: EsperKazumi CFN: Esperstarr

User Info: EsperStarr

1 year ago#3
!!READY. Steady... GO!!!

1. Demonstrations :
- 1000EXP
- LVL1 to LVL 2 (2lvls) = 2000FM
- 2000FM x 28 Characters = 56,000 FM

*Note: You can choose any volume for Demonstrations (if not using Sakura) as they all give the same amount of EXP (1000 EXP). Feel free to watch those for more EXP after or during this guide.

2. Story Prologue Mode:
- 2000EXP
- LVL2 to LVL9 (7lvls) = 7000FM.
- 7, 000 FM x 28 characters = 196, 000 FM
( Buy 1 one character w/ 96, 000 left over and add the to the previous 56K for 152, 000. Buy your 2nd character w/ 52, 000FM left over)

3. Survival Easy:
- 5000EXP
- LVL9 to LVL13 (4lvls) @ 4000 FM.
- 4000 FM x 28 = 112, 000
( Buy your 3rd Character w/12, 000FM. Add the 52, 000FM from Story Prologues and you should have 64, 000FM)

4 .Trials Vol. 1:
- 5000EXP
- LVL13 to LVL15 (2lvls) @ 2000FM.
- 2000FM x 28 = 56, 000 Total
(Adding this to the aboves 64, 000FM brings you to 120, 000FM. Buying your 4th character leaves you with 20, 000FM).

*Note: If you are new, it's best to go learn a few combos before trying normal Survival. (The cpu is HIGHLY susceptible to jumpins and crossups but don't only rely on them.) You can choose any volume for Trials as they all give the same amount of EXP (5000 EXP).

5. Survival Normal - Your Final Challenge!
- Lvl up 15 to 19 (4 lvls) @ 4000FM.
- 4000 FM x 28 = 112, 000FM
- (Buying your 5th Character leaves 12,000 FM left over + the previous 20kFM for a final total of 32, 000FM towards the last character of the season)

You have reached level 19, acquired a nice chunk of change and can now Further Your Journey into Oprah/Bill Gates-ness!

Do this with all 28 characters and receive your FIRST 532, 000 FM to unlock this Season's 3 characters (w/32, 000FM left over).

This ends the "Easy" Content and guides you to your first 5 characters before you ever touch Hard Survival, Extreme Survival, Trials Vol 2. and Vol. 3, Weekly Targets, etc.

You can now follow the list below to play whatever content you want and piece together content and level ups. Again, I will set it up as is it were a Progression Route


+ Character Demo - 1000EXP, 2lvls, 2kFM
+ Prologue - 2000EXP, 7lvls, 7kFM
+ Survival Easy - 5000EXP, 4lvls, 4kFM
+ Trials - 5000EXP, 2lvls, 2kFM
+ Survival Normal - 10,000EXP, 4lvls, 4kFM
+ Total Mode Payout - 19 Level Ups - 19,000FM
+ Grand Total Beginner Content - 19,000FM x 28 Characters = 532,000FM (Worth 5 Characters).
Life imitates art
PSN: EsperKazumi CFN: Esperstarr

User Info: EsperStarr

1 year ago#4
Life Beyond The Beginner's Guide and obtaining enough FM for the final released character:

Ok, loves. Not gonna lie. This is where s*** gets tricky.

Because the amount needed to lvl up goes up every time you level up, it will be hard to apply how many lvl ups you will get if you play all content not listed above which include: Vol 2 Trials/Demos (No Vol 1 for Season 2 characters), Vol 3 Trials/demos, Hard/Extreme Survival.

- Arcade Mode DOES NOT GRANT EXP and neither does General Story.
- After you collect the first 532,000 FM you still have several options to level up.

1. Season 1 and Base 16 Characters Trials 2, Trials 3, Demo Vol. 1 and Demo Vol 2.
(This is everyone except Akuma, Kolin, Abigail, Ed, Menat and Zeku.) These characters all share the exact amount of content. Season 2 characters listed in parenthesis above do not have Trials and Demos Vol 1.

After you have completed the Beginner guide above, you can move on to completing Trials 2. Trials 3, Demo 2, Demo 3 and your character should end at lvl 22 if you haven't been playing online with them. This means that those 22 characters all have access to 3 more lvl ups at 3000 FM. 66, 000FM + 32,000 left over from guide above = 98, 000FM

2. Trials/Demos Vol 3 for Season 2 characters (Akuma, Kolin, Abigail, Ed, Menat and Zeku):

Completing Trials/Demos Vol 3 for all Season 2 characters should bring them to LVL 21 which means these characters have access to 2 more lvls carried over from the content. 2 lvls = 2kFM x 6 season 2 characters = 12, 000FM. Add that to the 98, 000FM above and you have 110, 000FM for the last character.


You may play the following if you are up for the challenge to gain more levels:

1. Winning Online - 50FM Per Win
2. Weekly Targets in Mission Mode - 6, 600FM to over 11, 000FM per week (Averaging 40K FM a month)
3. Hard Mode Survival - 20, 000 EXP
- It takes about 4000EXP to 5k+EXP level up in the early to mid 20's.
- You will only have enough for about 4 levels because of the scaling.
- Base/S1 Characters now @LVL 26. S2 @ LVL25
- 4 levels. 4000FM= 4000FM per 28 characters = 84, 000FM
4. Extreme Mode Survival - 40, 000 EXP (at later levels it gets...EXTREME... About 7 to 10k to level up. You should grow an additional:
- Base/S1 Characters now @LVL 30. S2 @ LVL29
- 4 levels. 4000FM x 28 = 112, 000FM

**NOTE: My values were a tiny bit skewed, as I would turn on FIght Request during the later levels of Normal Survival. I did this going off of the LOWEST common denomitor which are characters I know I either didn't accept the fight or only accepted one , won/lost and left. Values should be relative.**

Base Roster + Season 1 Characters Survival Hard and Extreme: Should get you to lvl 30 which is 8 more level ups per character. 8, 000FM x 22 characters = 176, 000FM

Season 2 Survival Hard and Extreme: Shold put them at lvl 29 which is 8 more level ups for them. 8, 000FM x 6 = 48, 000FM

That's 224, 000 FM @ 2 characters or whatever you want to spend it on.

* I'm done with this shieeet.
* Feel Free to request Sticky!
Life imitates art
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User Info: EsperStarr

1 year ago#5
Life imitates art
PSN: EsperKazumi CFN: Esperstarr
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(message deleted)

User Info: EsperStarr

1 year ago#7
WRRYYYYers posted...
posting to be a part of history

Que? =O
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User Info: Raichi

1 year ago#8
Thanks for the awesome guide.
"It's Not Showing Off If You Back It Up"

User Info: phatpawl

1 year ago#9
"in the instruction booklet, jin is 19 and jun is 22. is this a typo, or is kazuya a sick bastard that likes 3 year olds?"

User Info: Telly2588

1 year ago#10
Yeezy taught me.
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