Why can't Street Fighter fans admit Mai is stronger than Chun Li?

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User Info: Dark_Despair

4 months ago#81
You refer to these people as dumb but a broken clock is right atleast twice in a day.

The ones who compile the info obviously do their homework even, it just largely depends on how they apply it.
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User Info: borklazer

4 months ago#82
Frost-Bite96 posted...
Dark_Despair posted...
GTurtlte posted...
Death battle is neat. But really goes on popularity

Not all the time. For the longest time people swore Boomstick and Whiz had it out for Capcom characters.

Frost-Bite96 posted...
Death Battle is basically vs debates for dumb people not to be taken seriously at all.

Relax Edward Scissors Hands, it's entertainment, not nearly meant to be taken that seriously. Sheesh the edge on this one.

In what way is what I said edgy? Like I don't think you know what edgy means really if you're using it in this context. Also of course it's for entertainment especially when its literally all flare and no substance. I mean sure they have decent to good animations but it all falls flat when thier research is so trash to the point where most of their fight result are wrong(Ryu V Scorpion, Rouge V WW, Gaara V Toph) and even when they're right its for the wrong reasons(Hulk V Doomsday, Goku V Superman) while seldomly get ones right for the right reasons(Guts V Nightmare, Dan V Hercules, Raiden V Wolverine).

don't forget about the s*** show that is tifa vs yang. Straight up sponsored by rooster teeth. The screwattack team is full of s***.

User Info: GTurtlte

4 months ago#83
"What's the difference, dreams, fantasy , reality, memories, it's all just noise"- Batou

User Info: xOmniCloudx

3 months ago#84
Malevolent_Moon posted...
DeathBattle has made several inconsistencies and should not be held as credible.

I do think Mai would beat Chun though. KOF fighters are on another level. Most SF characters are pretty grounded.
This is GameFAQs. People here take great pride in ignoring common sense.
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  3. Why can't Street Fighter fans admit Mai is stronger than Chun Li?

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