Fighting games are really great

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User Info: BlackBlazeQ

5 months ago#1
Lately I've been playing alot of overwatch and sf5 lately and I have to say playing sf5 even with all its flaws is a much better competitive experience than a team game like overwatch.

I think overwatch is a great game with its own flaws but people really ruin the competitive experience for that game. Pretty much every competitive match is a grab bag. Each time you que up you risk being paired with trolls leavers bad players or people not using their mic or making any attempt to communicate with the team which leads to bad coordination. I've been dealing with this for a long time and the only way to solve it is by pairing up with 6 people you know all the time which is not really practical. It's a really crappy experience and I wish this on no one.

Fighting games however are just 1v1. It's you vs 1 other person. Mind to mind character to character. You don't have to rely on anyone but yourself. After playing overwatch since release it made me really appreciate how awesome fighting games are. Tokido said it perfect at evo. Made James Chen cry lol.

After a salty session in overwatch I can get on street fighter and have more control over what happens in my competitive experience and I really appreciate that.

With that being said fighting games are great and I wish nothing but success for sf5 and every other fighting games in the market and the FGC as a whole. This is truly something great.
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User Info: Hero_Panda

5 months ago#2
Well said.
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User Info: VermilionX

5 months ago#3
way to steal from tokido


they are... im not competetive like i used be in the 90s, but i still find them a very good genre

perfect in-between games

just pick up and play, drop, then do it again at intervals

not a lot of commitment required

unlike when i start/replay RPGs and other longer games... takes a lot of commitment to finish

which is fighting games are good too bec if i need break from a long RPG... fighting games are there, just quick matches here and there
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User Info: GunkoGunko

5 months ago#4
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User Info: Vulcan422

5 months ago#5
Couldn't have said it better myself. f*** Overwatch. Got kicked down to Gold during Season 3 due to solo queueing and have never been able to climb back up due to everyone being bad. Even people in Platinum suck. The only course of action is to make a 6-stack with friends, but that also just makes things harder because you're going up against other 6-stacks. The matchmaking, rank system, and stat system are also heavily rigged against you.
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User Info: nhat

5 months ago#6
Each time you que up you risk being paired with trolls leavers bad players

If anyone is serious about competitive team play, no one pugs that, you need to go on discord or somewhere to form a team to play with consistently. That's on the player to do that, not the game
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User Info: majorgalaxy

5 months ago#7
Hero_Panda posted...
Well said.
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User Info: aburame13

5 months ago#8
You're not the only one. Haven't played Overwatch in weeks because,

1. It feels like the community is constantly getting worse and worse. People leaving, throwing, and refusing to be team players.

2. Blizzard is obviously smoking that good s*** to come up with these balance changes. They can't seem to decide if they want OW to be competitive or casual, and it's making the game suffer as a result. Trying to cater to both crowds just spells disaster.

Not to mention how a large part of the OW community here absolutely refuses to acknowledge the fact that people do lose because their teammates are s***. It's really annoying g hearing people give those same tired arguments like, 'well maybe it's just you,' 'maybe you're where you belong,' or 'the enemy team has a higher chance of having bad teammates than you.'
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User Info: goooooBills

5 months ago#9
I'd imagine overwatch is tough on console. You just don't have the communication and ability to adapt your team like you do on PC. Fighters though, you only have yourself to blame. Or lagswitchers, PC players, smurfs, and OP tier lol
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User Info: KungGuld

5 months ago#10
They really used to be. I still remeber last gen where I had both Kuni and Poison. Was a time of joy.
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