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User Info: PrintersChamp

2 years ago#1
Is mp just a shotgun fest? I played the beta and liked it, but it seemed everyone was only using shotguns. I'm a distance and assault rifle type of guy. Is there more weapons than the gnasher and lancer?
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User Info: DolemiteXP

2 years ago#2
Gears MP has just about always been a shotgun fest. A bunch of dodge rollin, corner sliding shotgun bros trying to get cool clips to put on youtube. I avoid it like the plague.
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User Info: PerrySport

2 years ago#3
It's a borefest.
It is what it is

User Info: GoldenHamster

2 years ago#4
There's good variety, but at its core a lot of shotguns are used, that's how it's always been. I like it, if you're totally against it then you'll dislike it I'm sure.
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User Info: thedarkness0170

2 years ago#5
If you dont like the shotgun then you will not like this game.

User Info: vayne145

2 years ago#6
The problem is they put TO much cover in the game. Every 2 steps there is something to hide behind. You cant get a ranged kill unless you go for someone picking up a power weapon or you are using a power weapon. Close combat is all you really get in gears because there are 5000 things per map to hid behind.


2 years ago#7
Hammer burst or enforcer are pretty good
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User Info: ZamboniGamer

2 years ago#8
Wouldn't be so bad, if they allowed you to use the retro lancer. Not sure why they took that out as a starting weapon.

User Info: PrintersChamp

2 years ago#9
I played a good bit of Gears 3 and liked it, but it didn't seem to be all shotguns. I remember doing well with the lancer. When I played the beta for 4 it was nothing but shotguns.
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User Info: Ryo_Hazzuki

2 years ago#10
Got 15 downs with enforcer, just keep downing them over and over and use as bait.
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