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User Info: bodyjam_3

2 months ago#1
Embedded or 3rd dragon ring???

62 k sm and sl 30 I have tretched the whole game (almost) and got most the rings and 1 +10 weapon...but when I blue invade do use the ring of embedded, dragon both or gear for stats?


3 weeks ago#2
It depends on how are your stats. Embedded bonus is based on how much you raised. I'd generally go wit embedded for my low level coop chars.
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2 weeks ago#3
THE_SQUIREL posted...
embedded for low level
This exactly

The penalty is negligible for low level builds.
This ring was made for twinks. It would seem to me that FROM loves griefers & trolls. Look at how they troll. Look at the Agape ring. lol.
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