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User Info: Shamino

3 months ago#1
I beat DSR 2 handing a club and DS3 (last boss left) 2 handing a Great Club.

I plan on either sword and board or dual wielding. What's a weapon choice with good horizontal arc? A lot of swords I try to use just stab in one direction and require precise aiming which is a no go.

Don't care about and won't be participating in PvP.
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User Info: callipygias

3 months ago#2
Sounds like you're limited to one playthrough, so I'd suggest going with your dual-wield option.
Then, as your stats increase, it'll open up DS2's powerstance. You'll still be dual-wielding, but you'll have a different (and powerful) moveset available.

Powerstancing swords has a great horizontal arc (same with the quick attack when powerstancing greatswords).

Since you'll be using 1-hand (and possibly PS) movesets, most swords will work for you. Longsword and Varangian would be good, and they're both available early. Their horizontal is good with the R1 and great with both R2 and PS.
Technically the best horizontal for non-great swords would probably be the Red Rust Sword, but it isn't available for a while. If you PS it with something else you'd need to have it in your left hand though--in the right hand it changes to a hammer moveset, which is more vertical.

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  2. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
  3. Planning on giving this a shot
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