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User Info: oretachi

4 weeks ago#1

After several tries I finally beat the second stratum boss and it really felt like I didn't really have much synergy going on. Now that I've unlocked master titles I'm hoping I can fix that, but for some reason I'm having way more anxiety trying to figure it out than I should, so any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

My current party is:
Dragoon / Pugilist / Masurao
Warlock / Botanist

I'm sure it's one of the most generic parties possible, but I kind of liked that about it when I made it. If possible I'd prefer to avoid reclassing, but if it would really make something a lot better, then I guess I'm open to switching someone out. I do want to make sure I have one character of each race though.


User Info: Hemless

4 weeks ago#2
Any thing is fine - flip a coin. I'm not a fan of poisoner Brounis and you there is about zero need shield dragoon if you don't have a blade dancer and/or impact pug.
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User Info: oretachi

4 weeks ago#3
Alright, guess I'll just pick something and roll with it. Thanks.

User Info: Thard_Verad

4 weeks ago#4
And if you don't like your choice, just Rest. You'll lose two levels and your master title, but you can now pick the other title if you want, plus you can redistribute your SP.
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