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User Info: gi22mo

4 weeks ago#1
Can this game be beating using characters NO higher than lvl25 ??

User Info: ArgentRhiza

4 weeks ago#2
The main game only I mean ofc.

It would probably involve cheesing Primordiphant asap to get the Polydeuces (maybe more than 1?) and resting constantly.

I'm not sure if it would be enough but that's a start :u?
Jupeter <3

User Info: Thard_Verad

4 weeks ago#3
I somehow doubt it. Unless you really cheese the system you won't have the stats to survive or the SP for the skills you need.

Assuming retirement is also off the table?
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User Info: ArgentRhiza

4 weeks ago#4
With some really hasty testing lv25 Abyssal Killer + Titan Killer when buffed + sleep can 2hko Tyrant.

I mean it hinges on 2 sleep inflictions which is shaky but there's probably better setups.

Depending on Ruinous Roar's threshold the second sleep might no even be needed.

Tbh exploration sounds more troublesome but even then you have invisibility for that.
Getting the money for a Polydeuces seems like the biggest problem/time sink.

Hmmm maybe after I finish my current run I'll make a thread for this?
It's a pretty novel idea to say the least!
Jupeter <3