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User Info: YoruWestwood

1 month ago#331
A. How bad could things possibly go?

User Info: Thard_Verad

1 month ago#332
YoruWestwood posted...
A. How bad could things possibly go?

Do you really want an answer to that? This is a foreehorizon CYOA after all....
"Many in harmony surpass one in perfection." - Guildmaster, Etrian Odyssey II

User Info: foreehorizon

4 weeks ago#333
Lent. Is. OVER!!!!!

No offense to my faith, but if I could get ahold of the lousy !*#%&€@ who decided fish doesn't count as meat...

Tallying votes now...

User Info: foreehorizon

4 weeks ago#334
The... thing you feel calling... you reach back, trying to dominate, going for broke -

The feedback is so great, such a physical jolt, that Sargeant Griffin was actually knocked back, falling off the jet. Whatever you touched, you most definitely have it's attention - and it's doing it's best to break your control holy f***...

You know what, let's put your wrestling training to use - rather than continue opposing, you go along with the power, like using your opponent's momentum against them.

For your first time "binding" with a Dragon Wraith, it could have been a momentous occassion - but timing is everything. And you began sharing the Behemoth Frame's senses just in time to see the Demon of Dublin unleash her "Fog of War" technique.

You weren't actually atomized - the video from Moonfell proves that. But you sure as hells FELT like it. As did every Wraith you were still linked to. And while you, personally, couldn't scream, they could.

The Brown Recluse pilots were so afraid of the sound, they didn't even try evasive maneuvers when General Everest ordered Moonfell's railguns to open fire.

It took at most thirty seconds for the 3rd, 5th, 17th, and 181st Spider Regiments to cease to exist. It took maybe another minute for your companions to realize they were saved, and that salvation came from the sky. Another minute or so for the pain to subside enough for you to open your eyes, to see Beks leaning over you. A few seconds more for her to reach up, to open and remove her helmet.

You were expecting to see flaming red hair and copper skin - you were hoping to see flaming red hair and copper skin.

You never - never - would have expected to see your own face...

"Damn, kid, I never thought you'd follow in my footsteps - always thought you'd stick with the dragons..."

- - -

"Dear gods... Agent Tinir, how -"

"We're done here, General. Make sure that data vault gets to Hood."

"Damn it, Nebekessa! That is your SISTER and your MOTHER down there! Your mother is alive-"

"You have your orders, Everest. And I... have mine..."

- - -



"You're seriously not going to say anything?"

You look toward Caila. "What am I going to say? 'Hey, Mom, sorry I didn't crawl back into the car to get you and Dad, but I just barely got Beks to safety when the gas tank exploded?' Or, 'Hey, Mom, it was a lovely funeral - wish you were there?' Or maybe I should just ask why in the hundred hells Beks and I spent the last seven years thinking we were orphans?"

"I would suggest asking that one first."

You resist the urge to take a swing at Caila - it's not her fault this secret was kept from you. Still... you had just turned eleven, and Dad had finally recieved confirmation that he'd be part of the expedition to explore the pre-Merge ruins found at the South Pole. It was supposed to be a happy night, you were going out to Duskmirror Steakhouse - they had the best strawberry sundaes there - the American terrorist cell had been waiting for years for their chance to strike against the traitor, Copernica Tinir.

The shooting at Starshadow Vale Elementary, the gang that tried to jump in Beks - the attack on your family was only the third time in your life you ever had a gun pointed at your head. And after the jump in, only the second time you ever used another human being as a melee weapon.

You still have nightmares about your parents burning to death - and now, there's Mom, sitting at the bedside of one of her troops in the Rasputin Enterprises infirmary...

Continued next post...

User Info: foreehorizon

4 weeks ago#335
Continued from previous...

The retrieval of the data vault was... surreal. Seeing Sargeant Mertin and Corporal Ferria again, as the engineers they were accompanying opened the wreckage of the jet - they went in, and used an Ariadne Thread to transport themselves and the vault back to Moonfell before the medics ever got a chance to check on Mom's team. You never got a chance to say anything to them, although they did look pretty worried when they looked over to where Sargeant Griffin was treating you.

Your treatment...

Maer can duplicate any medicine or potion she's ever made, as long as she's got a sample - like her grenades. One of which had Ceben blood in it. You don't ask what kind of grenade she had Ceben blood in. You will NEVER ask as long as you live. You don't want to know what the blood was mixed with - you're just grateful she could make enough for you to fully heal yourself before the transports arrived from Grassbone to take you, the medics, Mom's team, and the last two members of Warhammer Delta back to the CSMR.

On the way back, you got the call from Genia herself - her team had tracked the Behemoth Titan back to Old Frankfurt, where they discovered three more under construction. And two more active - it took all Genia had to keep her team safe and destroy one of the Frames while the other two active ones took the entire facility and ran. You ordered Genia to bring everyone back to the CSMR, for debriefing and making new plans - an order that the Demon of Dublin was far too tired to oppose.

Now, you're standing in the security room of Rasputin Enterprises, watching the video for three rooms in the infirmary. In one, a surly Therian Fencer, reluctantly following a direct order to stay put until his internal organs have been put back in the right order. In another, a trio of Celestians - two men standing by their sister's bed, faces red as she chews them out.

And in the third...

A boy, with pale skin and flame-red hair, no more than six years old, lying unconcious on a hospital bed, as Mom watches him...

As only a mother would...

Caila asks again, "Ciel, what are you going to do?"

A. There's work to be done, and you've put off your report to General Acidblossom long enough. Make your report first.

B. Talk to Mom... and hope you can hold your temper.

User Info: Thard_Verad

4 weeks ago#336
B please.

And Hood is playing a dangerous game with us....
"Many in harmony surpass one in perfection." - Guildmaster, Etrian Odyssey II

User Info: YoruWestwood

4 weeks ago#337
A, but I'd prefer not to keep getting ties, so change to B if there are no other votes.

User Info: foreehorizon

3 weeks ago#338
Hood has it's own orders to follow as well...

Tallying votes now...

User Info: foreehorizon

3 weeks ago#339
"I have to talk to her, of course."

"Of course." Caila nods, as you head out the door.

It only takes a minute to get from the security room to the Rasputin Enterprises infirmary... but it seems like an eternity. You didn't even get a chance to talk with Mom at the crash site - she was too busy coordinating with the rescue crew, and her team came to the CSMR on a different transport. Now, as you stand outside the room...

F*** indecision.

Mom looks up when you first come in - then turns back to the unconcious boy without a word. You look down at him - dear gods, you and Beks had that same "symmetrically broken" look to your nose till you were ten...

Without looking up, Mom says, "Tobias - just like your father. Although, I'm pretty sure he would prefer Toby, and the only reason he insists on being called Tobias is because he never met your dad."

"Beks and I made a bet that night - winner gets the loser's desserts for a week. I said you were going to tell Dad you were pregnant at dinner, while Beks thought Dad already knew."

A harsh chuckle. "Nebekessa owes you a week's worth of desserts. Mereciel, I -"

"We only found parts of Dad. The police, they were certain the bomb totally annihilated your corpse."

"I had to -"

"I killed a judge - I KILLED a f***ing JUDGE because she tried putting us in seperate foster homes!"

"Mereciel, I know -"

"HOW??? How could you have known? How could you - how could you let us think you were dead?"

"Because if the Americans had thought I was still alive, they would have gone after you and your sister to get to me!"

"What could the Americans have possibly done to us that would have been worse than thinking we were orphans? The only thing - the only thing that ever hurt WORSE than that was when they found out Beks was an Immune and took her away!"

"I KNOW!!!"


"Just because I couldn't contact you, doesn't mean I couldn't check up on you!"

You'd heard the phrase, "Like being hit by a ton of bricks" before. You've come to realize, that's an understatement.

Taking advantage of your shock, Mom stands and keeps talking. "I may not have been able to act on it, but I was able to keep track of what was going on with you and your sister! I knew about you entering the Olympics, and Nebekessa getting that dance contract. I knew about the rape, and Nebekessa testing positive with CHIS. I knew about you joining the IGC, I knew about Felton's Handbag, I knew about those s***-for-brains trying to haze you, I knew about Trevia, and you getting blown up when the IGC headquarters on Moonfell were attacked. I knew about you agreeing to the mission to locate and retrieve Wenememe, the attack on the transports, you showing off what you could do with light Frames..."

Mom... slumps her shoulders. "I knew about your awakening - the Cebens, the Wraithes, you becoming the commander of the military forces in the CSMR - General Fallowfield coming back for more..."

When Mom pauses again, you ask, "And Beks? You've been - you've been keeping an eye on her? Is she okay?"

Mom clenches her fists. "I - I... as much as I could. Military and Civilian Intelligence may be responsible for the Immune Guardian Corps, but the Corps is still a power unto itself. Even Hood doesn't have a complete view of what goes on with them..."

Continued next post...

User Info: foreehorizon

2 weeks ago#340
Sorry for the delay - been a rough week. Continued from previous...

You open your mouth to speak... but nothing comes out... so many questions, so much you wish you knew to ask, so much...

So much lost time...

"... oh... what the f*** hit me?"

You and Mom both look down at Tobias. He rocks his head back and forth a couple times before his eyes creep open. He looks up at you, and says, "Mom... you're out of uniform..."

You try to stifle a grin. "I think I've just been insulted."

"And your voice is weird - or do I have a concussion?"

Okay, you can't stop the grin now. You unbutton your uniform blouse so you can pull out your arm. "Do these look like the muscles of a Masuro? I'm a Dragoon - I train for strength."

"And I'm a Tinir - I train to be better."

And at this point, you can't help but laugh. You look at Mom, and say, "Dear gods, if that's not proof he's family, I don't know what is." You look back down at Tobias. "I'm Mereciel - but if you know what's good for you, you'll call me Ciel."

Your little brother gives you a look that's more comical than hostile. "Mom, I know you like mixing training into just about everything, but come on!!! I'm injured! Can't this wait? At least until I'm out of bed?"

At this point, Mom clears her throat. "Private Tobias Tinir! You will speak with respect when you address a superior officer - is that clear?"

Tobias's eyes bulge out, as he looks back and forth between you and Mom. "Mom, what the actual f***?!?!? You duplicated yourself??? How? Is it permanent? Do you-"

"ENOUGH! Tobias, this is your sister, Mereciel. As in LIEUTENANT Mereciel Tinir, Commander of all Elmician forces stationed in the Celtic Sea Manufacturing Region." Mom leans over, and pokes your brother in the chest. "That includes YOU, while you're recovering here - so if your sister says to call her Ciel, then you need to call her Ciel."

"And that goes for you, too, Mom."

"And that goes-" Mom turns to face you. "Wait, what?"

You've got an evil smile on your face. "Agent Copernica Tinir, while you are here, you are to address me as Ciel - not Mereciel."

Mom... actually winces. "But you have such a beautiful name..."

Tobias lets out a mischievious chuckle, as your phone starts to ring. You check the display - "Oh, f***..." You hit the answer button. "General Acidblossom - sorry, I know I have to submit a report -"

"Never mind that, Lieutenant. We've got a more urgent issue - the latest Wraith caravan headed your way has disappeared. The one with Sargeant Gavac and Second Lieutenant Nulutte accompanying."

Oh, f***...

- - -


"I know that look, Me- er, Ciel." At least Mom is trying. "You're pissed... because you didn't find something."

You gesture around. "For a single Wraith I'm familiar with, I can track them like a bloodhound up to a week after they passed through somewhere. For Wraithes I'm not familiar with, it might only be a day or two - but like any 'scent', the more you have concentrated in one place, the longer it lasts. And with a convoy carrying over five hundred Wraithes, not only can I follow the trail for well over a month, but I can tell you travelling speeds, when they stop, even when the Wraithes react to nearby Necromancers!"

"But not here."

You shake your head. "I think 'vanished' would be an understatement."

Continued next post...