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User Info: Emonzaemon

11 months ago#11
A seems like the more likely option to work, though I'd like to avoid another tie, so change my vote to B if there's no tiebreaker.

User Info: genestealer

11 months ago#12
A would also provide a second head that possibly knows of a way out of this, so that's my vote. Even if B would be kind of hilarious.

User Info: jisn064

11 months ago#13
B for BET
Sorry for my bad english ;D /-/ Nos Siej
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User Info: Thard_Verad

11 months ago#14
Something I should have mentioned before: some votes have deeper layers than just deciding a course of action. Some of them help shape the character's personality. I don't want to sway anyone's vote by posting what I think each option represents, just to get you thinking about possible consequences.

Also, tied votes aren't always bad, but indecision can be a b****.
"Many in harmony surpass one in perfection." - Guildmaster, Etrian Odyssey II

User Info: gba1989

11 months ago#15



She played me like a piano - Big Boss, MGS Peacewalker
They played us like a damn fiddle - Kazuhira Miller, MGS Ground Zeroes

User Info: foreehorizon

11 months ago#16
Tallying votes now...

User Info: foreehorizon

11 months ago#17
No time to lose - you grab your pack, and jump!

Good thing, too - mere seconds after you jump, you hear a sickening crunch behind you, followed by a scream that will haunt your nightmares - no, concentrate, damnit!

The first thing you pull out of your pack is your battle harness - if you can’t get that on, no f***ing way any of this works. In seconds, you have the rig locked around your body, and...

There! You see Harmony, about a hundred feet below you, and fifty feet in front, presumably still unconcious - the way she’s tumbling, that should at least provide some extra air resistance. You need to get to her before she reaches the clouds below, or you may never find her in time.

You activate your bunker shield’s remote mode, and hold it to your back - as designed, it reaches out and connects to your battle harness. Next, your rifle - locking it onto the harness keeps it readily available to grab in the standard firing grip, and the remotes you built into the handle and the foregrip will be essential to your plan.

Those clouds are getting pretty damn close - and you hear that scream off in the distance again - f***! You connect your pack to the lower portion of your harness, grip it between your legs, and point your rifle at the still-tumbling Harmony as you go “prone”, streamlining yourself as best you’re able, to close the gap between yourself and the unconcious Celestian.

Meanwhile, you take aim, and activate the wind compensator for the built-in grapple launcher - thank you, McCaffrey Canyon, for making that necessary! Just need to close the gap - you have a 100-foot monofilament line, but you want to be within 80 feet for max accuracy - 100, 95, 90...

You never subscribed to the sniper practice of waiting between heartbeats to fire the shot - your mom taught you that instinct and trust in your skill more than compensated for gimmicky practices that waste precious time. As soon as you close the gap to 80 feet, you pull the trigger...

And the Magitech microthrusters on the grapple are more than up to the task - the moment the grapple head hits Harmony in the stomach, it extends it’s tentacle-like fingers to encircle her waist, holding her secure.

That scream is significantly closer when you manage to reel the MP in - just before you enter the clouds.

Despite the turbulence, and the practical wall of water you are falling through, you manage to turn Harmony around, and strap her to your chest, facing away from you. Fortuneately, your battle harness is also rated for search and rescue work - you helped to keep Starshadow Vale’s rescue frames in good shape, but the chaotic winds of McCaffrey Canyon have a tendency to bounce just about everything into the canyon walls. Hence the reason most of the search and rescue workers are Dragoons with modified equipment like yours.

You hold Harmony’s head still, to reduce the risk of injury, and ride out the fall - once you exit the clouds, you can worry about trying to deploy your bunker shield into a glider-like shape. Once you exit -

As are most exits from clouds, this one was abrupt - you emerged into almost total darkness, falling headfirst towards the ground far below, so that if you looked “up”, you would see the planet hurtling down from the heavens to crush you... unfortuneately, you were facing straight forward, so you saw the enormous shadow crash through the clouds - the golden glow of the three eyes that turned to face you - that scream, once again -

“Left... chest... pocket...” Harmony!

“What? What was that?”

“Left... chest pocket... bundle of string...”

Hoping you understand, you reach with your left hand, into the pocket of the MP’s jacket - and pull out a small bundle of string, wrapped around itself. “Is this it?”

“Yes... break... the thread...”

Continued next post...

User Info: foreehorizon

11 months ago#18
Continued from previous...

With the shadow approaching, you don’t ask for more details - letting your battle harness hold your rifle in place, you grab the bundle of string in both hands, and snap the threads oh holy f-

You are dazed only briefly - but snap out of it at the sound of multiple weapons being cocked around you, and a deep voice saying “Freeze! Identify yourself!”

You hear Harmony moan in pain, and realize she’s underneath you - s***, 300 pounds of you and your gear on top of her! You place your hands on the ground, and push-

“I said freeze!”

“I’m on top of an injured woman! We need a medic, now!”

“Identify yourselves first!”

“Mereciel Tinir - the injured woman is military police, Corporal Harmony Ferria! Our helicopter was attacked, she was knocked unconcious and sent flying -“

“Harmony?!? You’ve got Harmony?”

That voice! “Sargeant Mertin, is that you? You survived!”

“Never mind me!” You hear people being... launched out of the way, as the worlds buffest Brouni rushes to your side. “How’s Harmony? How bad are her injuries?”

“I don’t know - didn’t have a chance to check, I was kind of busy catching her. I can unstrap her from my chest - as long as nobody is going to shoot me!”

“Motherf- Put your guns down NOW, you assh***s, and get a damn medic!”

You hear people stepping away. Very carefully, you roll onto your back, so you are lying on your bunker shield. A quick tap on the safety, and your rifle collapses itself, folding into a bracer on your right arm. You unstrap Harmony from your chest, and two of the soldiers step forward to help her up.

You can feel her spasm of pain as they grab her arms - a female voice says, “S***! My bad, Corporal. Looks like we’ve got several fractures in each arm, probably more broken bones from the impact all throughout her body. Where the hell’s that stretcher?”

“Actually, I can help with that - hold her steady, would you?”

The female soldier leans down to see your face - the dark-skinned Earthlain woman seems to be in her mid thirties, but those green eyes seem to bore through you like an ancient wrathful god. “Not that I’m ungrateful, but who the hell are you supposed to be, civilian?”

“Mereciel Tinir, new volunteer for the Immune Guardian Corps - and Dragoon of the Starshadow Vale Search and Rescue Teams. I can provide the stretcher - just hold her steady.”

The woman opens her mouth to speak - but you hear Mertin’s voice say, “Just shut up and do what she says, Lieutenant - far as I’m concerned, she’s earned at least that much respect.” She then closes her mouth, and nods to whoever is kneeling to your left.

When you feel that Harmony has been stabilized, you flick your right wrist back twice - the electric jolt up your right arm confirms that the neural reader had activated. Very carefully, you shift your arms to the reverse pushup position, and raise your torso to get your weight off your shield. Palms against the floor, you use the fingers of your right hand as if operating your shield’s remote, and your rifle reads the impulses directly from your nerves.

Using the built in microthrusters, you have your shield slide out from under you, and split in half. The two halves slide between you and Harmony, extending as necessary so her entire body can be supported evenly - oh, this is so much easier when not having to deal with the wind! You reconnect the halves, and slide the shield down past your feet, so you can stand. The pack you have hanging from your harness - you disconnect it, and put it on your back, out of the way. “Now, if somebody could just show me the way to the hospital?”

“Actually, on a military base, it’s called an infirmary.” You look down at Mertin, and he gestures for you to follow...

Continued next post...

User Info: foreehorizon

11 months ago#19
Continued from previous...

As you load Harmony into the waiting jeep, and climb in beside her “stretcher”, it finally occurs to you to ask, “So how did we get here? We were freefalling, that giant shadow was coming for us -“

“I’m guessing she had you pull the Thread from her pocket, since her arms were broken?” You nod, as Mertin climbs in beside you, to help hold your shield and his partner steady. “Well, that holding cell you popped up in back there, the Threads distributed to Moonfell Airbase are all cast to dump whoever uses them in there - really helpful when you got a prisoner you can’t transport any orher way.”

What the... Your eyes go wide. “Wait, by Threads - you mean Ariadne Threads?” Mertin nods, and you can’t believe it! “You mean, those things are real???”

The Sargeant nods again, and points to the torn pocket on his jacket. “Shrapnel from whatever took out the helicopter must have cut the Threads in my pocket - otherwise, I’d probably be dead right now...”

- - -

From what you understand, much of the technology from pre-Merge Earth still has not been recovered - oh, sure, there are blueprints and technical data available, but so much is unusable, gathering dust in massive archives, because essential interim technologies are still lost. Many industries that the people of Earth must have taken for granted are still a mystery to the people of Vitalie.

Fortuneately, S’Ls’Tyenne magic has helped to fill in the gaps - and thanks to the Brouni race’s uncanny affinity for magic relating to anatomy and physiology, Vitalie medicine is believed to be far superior to most of what Earth had. Which means, despite the severity of her injuries, Corporal Harmony Ferria will be able to return to work by dawn.

But, you’re pretty sure that Mertin is the reason the doctors told Lieutenant Innissa Hapshel that Harmony won’t be cleared for duty till after noon tomorrow.

The green-eyed demon-er, Lieutenant, looks down on you, as you sit next to Harmony’s hospital bed. “The doctors said you can stay here with Corporal Ferria overnight - and since you are still a civilian, I can’t really say otherwise.” She then turns to Mertin. “Once your partner is released, you and she are to escort Miss Tinir to HQ to speak with General Everest.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“And Corporal Ferria?”

“Yes, Ma’am?”

For just the briefest of moments, you thought you could see a look of concern on the Lieutenant’s face, before she says, “Try not to overexert yourself, okay?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

And with that, Innissa Hapshel left the room. You wait a few moments, just to make sure...

A. Ask for more information about Moonfell Airbase.

B. Ask how Harmony and Mertin met.

User Info: Emonzaemon

11 months ago#20
C. Ask about whatever it was that attacked the helicopter. If that's not an option, then I'd go A.
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