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    You try - unsuccessfully - to stifle your laughter as the two MP’s go at it again. The last two hours have been like this, and despite the sometimes harsh language, it’s obvious they are good friends.

    Don’t ever take them to the same sporting event, though - the bloodshed would be ridiculous.

    You’re about to interject, when the pilot calls over the intercom, “Making approach to Airbase Moonfell, landing in three minutes.”

    Harmony turns toward you. “Damn, looks like your civilian life is about to end, Cadet Tinir. Make sure everything you brought is secure - the winds up here tend to be pre-“

    You don’t realize that you just gained ten feet of altitude in a quarter of a second - but your stomach does tell you you moved too far, too fast. The sudden shift distracts you for a moment - just long enough that you almost don’t realize the helicopter has been blown in half.

    And the half with Mertin and the pilot is not the half you are in. And where is Harmony - her seat is empty -

    A brief flash of light catches your attention - both moons are full tonight, and you see Harmony - the reflection off her helmet visor was what got your attention...

    A. Your rifle has a grapple attachment, and you think she’s in range - see if you can tether her, and hopefully there’s a parachute or two in what’s left of the helicopter.

    B. It is theoretically - THEORETICALLY - possible for a large enough bunker shield - with the proper deployment sequence - to be used as a glider - THEORETICALLY!!! - and you’ve custom made this shield to deploy in multiple configurations to cover multiple circumstances... maybe use the repulsor mines as pulse thrusters... theoretically?