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    Then, you start again. And, again.

    It’s getting dark by the time the helicopter appears over the horizon - your eyes may not be as sharp as your sister’s, but you can make out the words “MILITARY POLICE” on the front armor plate. By now, the recruiting grounds are all but empty - most of the new cadets have already boarded busses or helicopters, being shipped off to training or medical exams, whatever the case may be.

    But the MP copter - that lands right in the middle of the recruiting grounds, as the aging Therian approaches you. A brief look towards the helicopter, before you turn back towards the recruiter. “Is this my ride, sir?”

    “It is, Cadet Tinir. Sorry it took so long - it took forever to convince my superiors that somebody actually volunteered to be an Immune Guardian. Otherwise, we would have had you on your way hours ago.”

    The starboard door of the helicopter opens, and out steps two MP’s in full armor - a female Celestian with reddish-black skin, and the buffest Brouni you’ve ever seen - half your height, and he looks like he can throw that helicopter across the field. The Brouni eyes you up and down, and turns to the recruiter. “This really the girl who saved your daughter, Cevin? And if so, how deep a trench did your brother dig through her skull?”

    “And hello to you, Mertin. Go easy on the kid - she’s here for personal reasons.”

    “Everybody does everything for personal reasons - doesn’t mean they don’t have something broken in the head.”

    “Easy, Sargeant - she’s not a prisoner, so we have to use our people skills.” The Celestian MP looks straight at you - and the first thing you notice is that both of her eyes have been replaced by prosthetics. “Corporal Ferria - but since you’re still technically a civilian until we reach Airbase Moonfell, you can call me Harmony.”

    You accept the hand she extends, and say, “Mereciel Tinir - Ciel, if you don’t mind. And what do you mean, I’m still technically a civilian?”

    Harmony shrugs. “You’re the first to enter the Immune Guardians straight from civilian life. Everybody else, they come from some other branch of the military first... usually in restraints.”

    “Is - is it really that horrible, protecting the Immunes?” You can’t help but wonder - and shudder...

    “Who knows, who cares?” You look towards Mertin, who shrugs. “Never met an actual Immune, don’t want to, I just go fetch the cannon fodder. Speaking of, we’re supposed to be off by now - load your gear so we can take off.”

    With that the buff Brouni climbs back into the helicopter. You load all of your gear yourself - earning an impressed whistle from Harmony - and sit opposite Mertin, while the Celestian Corporal boards, pulling the door shut behind her.

    You do manage to wave to Cevin before takeoff, mouthing “Thank you” to the old Therian. He waves back... and you could almost swear he mouthed back “I’m sorry” before falling out of view...

    - - -

    “Seriously, though, I thought the Bronnesk judge would have a heart attack when you flipped the Merri Isles’ team’s truck to bridge that gap in the Escort Relay finals.”

    You can’t help but grin. “You do realize you’re fangirling bigtime, right?”

    Harmony - actually manages to blush. “I can’t help it - I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie, and you’re the first Olympic athlete I’ve ever met! The fact that you ranked second-“

    “Means nothing, Corporal!” You look towards Mertin, who says, “For the love of Vitalie, she’s a frame pilot! She’s not even a real athlete!”

    “Oh, boy, here we go again...” Harmony turns to face you. “Don’t mind this Luddite - he’d prefer we power this helicopter with cranks and pedals, just to make sure we don’t become over-reliant on modern conveniences.”

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