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    Still, you are... almost grateful, for what the tamoxis kept you from remembering. An unfortunate side effect of the drug is that, when it finally wears off, the next several hours are remembered in perfect detail.

    So you will never forget waking in that alley, a severely broken Nebekessa lying next to you. You will never forget lifting her - despite your own broken arm - and dragging her through the abandoned streets. You will never forget the errant cab, the Brouni driver spotting you, and every turn, every bump in the road as he sped towards the nearest hospital.

    You will never forget the poking, the prodding, the probing, as the doctors collect evidence, set bones, mend torn flesh...

    But worst of all, you will never, ever, be able to forget the doctor entering your room, the two men from the military behind him. You will never forget him walking past you, ignoring you, approaching your twin sister, and saying to her, “Nebekessa Tinir, we have your blood test results, and... there’s no really easy way to say this... I’m sorry to say, you have Corruptive Hyper-Immune Syndrome. You... you’re an Immune, I am so sorry...”

    Your twin is an Immune - and you will never forget the sight of those men taking her away...

    - - -

    “... and so, it is my deepest honor to accept each and every one of you into the Elmician Armed Forces. Please, get in line, to sign up for your branch of service.”

    It’s been one year since the rape - one year, since you last saw your sister. One year - but, you finally might have a chance to see her again.

    The recruiter doesn’t even look up when you reach the head of the line. “Name, species, gender, and age, please.”

    “Mereciel Tinir. Earthlain, female, seventeen years old.”

    “Preferred branch of service, please.”

    “Immune Guardian.”

    The aging Therian finally looks up at you. “Immune Guardian isn’t a choice, it’s a punishment, cadet. Preferred branch of service, please.”

    You pause for only a moment. “Immune Guardian.”

    The Therian recruiter finally stands up - and towers over you. “Listen, you little s***, it’s been a long day, and I don’t have time for this f***ed-up game you’re playing. Either get serious, or get the f*** out.”

    Don’t back down, Ciel, don’t back down... “Immune Guardian!”

    “B****, I will gut you-“

    “My sister is an Immune!”

    The first time you’ve raised your voice in a year - and all go silent around you. The Therian stares at you for several seconds, then sits back down. “All right, I’ll sign you up for Immune Guardian training. Any special skills you’ve got? Any special abilities, or training?”

    You open your mouth to answer...

    A. “I have a Miasma Affinity rating of 7 - and I can self-generate.”

    B. “I built my first Bunker Shield at age 5 - and was rated top scores in my class for marksmanship 3 years running.”

    C. “Before my parents died, they owned an apothecary - I taught myself to both Dupe and Boost medicines, as well as... other things...”

    D. “I have my Light Frame Operator’s license - and I came in second in the nationwide championships 2 years ago.”

    E. “I’ve always had an affinity for Magitech - not just maintenance, but modification as well.”