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User Info: foreehorizon

10 months ago#1
I have 3 CYOA’s on the EOIV boards: “(Out Of) Order”, “Meanwhile, Elsewhere...” (2 parts), and “Tell A Lie To Protect The Truth” (2 parts). If you’ve never participated in a foreehorizon CYOA before, I get pretty dark...

- - -
You can’t help but smirk. “Come on, Beks, you got this - what are the ‘living legacies’ from before the Merge?”

Your sister, Nebekessa, furroughs her brow. “That’s not fair, Ciel - you know history isn’t my strong point...”

“Hence the reason we’re studying it - I’ve already got my GED, there’s no reason for you to be putting yours off.” Despite being twins, you girls have almost nothing in common - you inherited your mother’s black hair, pale skin, and studious nature, while Mom’s recessive traits allowed your sister copper skin, flame-red hair, and the same flighty tendencies that made Dad a world explorer. “Seriously, Beks, this one’s so easy, I should punish you if you can’t figure it out -“

“Maybe I can help!” You both look up at the voice of Hirinia - the Brouni waitress is still wearing stilts so she can reach the table to set down your drinks. After placing the empty tray under her left arm, she says, “I’ll give you a hint -“ and does a perfect curtsey - on stilts...

Confused, Beks just says, “Uhh...”

“Oh brother - so much for the Elmician educational system...” Hirinia clicks her tongue, and wags her finger at your sister. “The Therians and the Brouni, duh! Before the Merge - back when our wonderful world of Vitalie was still divided into Earth and S’Ls’Tyenne - the Earthlain and Celestian forces each created a new species, to compensate for the weaknesses of their own. The physically weak Celestians created the physically strong Therians, while the almost entirely non-magical Earthlains created the mystical Brouni. And for that, I thank your ancestors - I wouldn’t be half as adorable as I am today if they hadn’t created such a beautiful species back then!”

You and your sister are still giggling when you hear the door of the diner open behind you - and Nebekessa gasps in shock. You turn to look - and your eyes go wide.

The silver-skinned, gray-haired Celestian is sporting a black eye and a bleeding lip. The brown-furred Therian with him seems to have also been in a fight - although you are certain the missing left ear and crystal right eye are far from recent. And the two of them are approaching your table!

Hirinia steps back nervously as the Celestian gestures towards you, and says to the Therian, “Raven-hair beauty.” He then gestures towards Beks, and says, “Fiery temptress.”

“Fine, fine!” The Therian winces, then continues. “But in my defense, the sun is setting right now - they both looked blonde through the window. You didn’t have to punch me...”

The Celestian rubs his forehead. “Damnit, Steele, your intelligence sometimes rivals your lack of fur... My apologies, milady. My name is Deren...”

- - -

Deren was a natural charmer, the gentlemanly type who could flatter you with every word, and leave you believing it as gospel truth. Steele was the remorseless rogue, the slick-tongued scoundrel, the kind of guy who could keep Nebekessa giggling like a schoolgirl while pushing herself further into his arms.

Between the two of them, they kept you and your twin both blissfully unaware, as Deren slipped the tamoxis into both of your drinks. You sensed nothing wrong, as the four of you left together. You barely remember arriving at their apartment...

You do remember Deren’s roar of triumph when he discovered he was your first - and Steele’s screams of rage when he discovered he wasn’t your sister’s...

You remember the taste of your blood, and... far worse, when Deren shoved... that... into your mouth...

You remember the sounds... of breaking bones...

Continued next post...

User Info: foreehorizon

10 months ago#2
Continued from previous...

Still, you are... almost grateful, for what the tamoxis kept you from remembering. An unfortunate side effect of the drug is that, when it finally wears off, the next several hours are remembered in perfect detail.

So you will never forget waking in that alley, a severely broken Nebekessa lying next to you. You will never forget lifting her - despite your own broken arm - and dragging her through the abandoned streets. You will never forget the errant cab, the Brouni driver spotting you, and every turn, every bump in the road as he sped towards the nearest hospital.

You will never forget the poking, the prodding, the probing, as the doctors collect evidence, set bones, mend torn flesh...

But worst of all, you will never, ever, be able to forget the doctor entering your room, the two men from the military behind him. You will never forget him walking past you, ignoring you, approaching your twin sister, and saying to her, “Nebekessa Tinir, we have your blood test results, and... there’s no really easy way to say this... I’m sorry to say, you have Corruptive Hyper-Immune Syndrome. You... you’re an Immune, I am so sorry...”

Your twin is an Immune - and you will never forget the sight of those men taking her away...

- - -

“... and so, it is my deepest honor to accept each and every one of you into the Elmician Armed Forces. Please, get in line, to sign up for your branch of service.”

It’s been one year since the rape - one year, since you last saw your sister. One year - but, you finally might have a chance to see her again.

The recruiter doesn’t even look up when you reach the head of the line. “Name, species, gender, and age, please.”

“Mereciel Tinir. Earthlain, female, seventeen years old.”

“Preferred branch of service, please.”

“Immune Guardian.”

The aging Therian finally looks up at you. “Immune Guardian isn’t a choice, it’s a punishment, cadet. Preferred branch of service, please.”

You pause for only a moment. “Immune Guardian.”

The Therian recruiter finally stands up - and towers over you. “Listen, you little s***, it’s been a long day, and I don’t have time for this f***ed-up game you’re playing. Either get serious, or get the f*** out.”

Don’t back down, Ciel, don’t back down... “Immune Guardian!”

“B****, I will gut you-“

“My sister is an Immune!”

The first time you’ve raised your voice in a year - and all go silent around you. The Therian stares at you for several seconds, then sits back down. “All right, I’ll sign you up for Immune Guardian training. Any special skills you’ve got? Any special abilities, or training?”

You open your mouth to answer...

A. “I have a Miasma Affinity rating of 7 - and I can self-generate.”

B. “I built my first Bunker Shield at age 5 - and was rated top scores in my class for marksmanship 3 years running.”

C. “Before my parents died, they owned an apothecary - I taught myself to both Dupe and Boost medicines, as well as... other things...”

D. “I have my Light Frame Operator’s license - and I came in second in the nationwide championships 2 years ago.”

E. “I’ve always had an affinity for Magitech - not just maintenance, but modification as well.”

User Info: Emonzaemon

10 months ago#3
Excellent, a new CYOA! I get to be here from the start this time. And I beat a certain waffle-obsessed hand of fate to the first vote.

As for the vote, being a Harbinger sounds like it would be interesting, but I'm gonna have to go with E.

User Info: Thard_Verad

10 months ago#4
F. "I know a great recipe for waffles!"



Okay, just kidding. I'm torn between D and E. I think since Magitech already has a vote, I'll go with D and let someone else break the tie.

Now to sit back and see where this ride goes.
"Many in harmony surpass one in perfection." - Guildmaster, Etrian Odyssey II

User Info: jisn064

10 months ago#5
Sorry for my bad english ;D /-/ Nos Siej
(edited 61 minutes ago)

User Info: foreehorizon

10 months ago#6
Ordering votes now - this is going to be a fun build ;-)

User Info: foreehorizon

10 months ago#7
“I’ve always had an affinity for Magitech - in fact, I did all my own modifications on the scout frame I piloted in the last Olympics.”

The Therian recruiter’s ears twitch. “A Frame pilot, eh? Licensed?”

You nod. “Commercial license for Scout, Utility, and Search and Rescue frames.”

“Commercial, not bad. Those are all light frames, though - anything heavier?”

“No, sir - I’m not a full Necromancer, I can’t even raise a Wraith, just guide them.”

“Damn - not gonna be much help on extended deployments, then. Anything more combat-oriented?”

You gesture towards the weapon lockers at the entrance. “I brought along my rifle and bunker shield - I was top in my class in Marksmanship three years running, and I built my first bunker shield when I was five.”

“Okay, now THAT is something useful in - in -“

Oh, damn - does he know?

The old Therian gives you a strange look. “Five years old? That was twelve years ago, right? And you said your last name was Tinir?”

“Y-yes, sir...”

“And did you go to Starshadow Vale Elementary?”

You can practically feel people staring at you... Not trusting your voice, you nod.

Once again, the recruiter stands, and looks down at you. “The scar - the one they kept out of the news - show it to me, and tell me what caused it.”

Wh-what- “How... how do you -“

The recruiter leans forward. “The scar. Now.”

How could he... You reach up, and pull back your hair, just above your right ear, to reveal a straight line of scar tissue, stretching from just above your ear to nearly the base of your skull. “An armor-piercing round from one of the SWAT officers... the shooters were wearing body armor, but they only had publicly available firearms, so my shield stopped their bullets - but not this one.”

The aging Therian nodded once, then stepped around the recruiting desk - and surprised everyone by wrapping his arms around you and lifting you into a bear hug! And - holding you for several seconds...

Eventually, he set you down, and you finally saw the tears running down his cheeks. After a few moments, he wipes his face on his sleeve, and says, “My dumbass of a brother is the one who shot that assh*** at point-blank range - putting the bullet that left that scar through the shooter’s body armor and your shield. And my daughter is one of the students you saved that day.”

But - but - “... but I couldn’t save them all...”

“Hey, hey! Enough of that, Cadet Tinir - if you hadn’t blocked off that hallway, those boys would have evaded the SWAT officers, and Starshadow Vale Elementary would have been the worst school shooting of the last fifty years.” He them extended his hand to shake yours. “And if you show half as much dedication to protecting your assigned Immune as you did those students, then maybe we might finally make some real progress against the Corruption.”

You accept the offered hand, and nervously say, “Thank you.” But, in all honesty, there’s really only one Immune you’re worried about...

- - -

Of course, now that you’ve signed up, you find yourself in a unique situation - apparently, you’re the first person to ever join the Immune Guardians without an MP’s rifle pointing at you, or threat of courtmartial held over your head.

At least, that’s the impression you get, when they give you your personal belongings, and show you to a corner where you can wait for... whatever happens next.

You spend about an hour with your rifle set to safety, practicing your shield drills. Another hour working on your support weapons - your repulsor mines don’t have anywhere near the recharge rate you’d like, and the mortar’s cover fire mode leaves a lot to be desired. You even spend an hour doing full-kit PT - all 150 pounds of gear on all 150 pounds of you...

Continued next post...

User Info: foreehorizon

10 months ago#8
Continued from previous...

Then, you start again. And, again.

It’s getting dark by the time the helicopter appears over the horizon - your eyes may not be as sharp as your sister’s, but you can make out the words “MILITARY POLICE” on the front armor plate. By now, the recruiting grounds are all but empty - most of the new cadets have already boarded busses or helicopters, being shipped off to training or medical exams, whatever the case may be.

But the MP copter - that lands right in the middle of the recruiting grounds, as the aging Therian approaches you. A brief look towards the helicopter, before you turn back towards the recruiter. “Is this my ride, sir?”

“It is, Cadet Tinir. Sorry it took so long - it took forever to convince my superiors that somebody actually volunteered to be an Immune Guardian. Otherwise, we would have had you on your way hours ago.”

The starboard door of the helicopter opens, and out steps two MP’s in full armor - a female Celestian with reddish-black skin, and the buffest Brouni you’ve ever seen - half your height, and he looks like he can throw that helicopter across the field. The Brouni eyes you up and down, and turns to the recruiter. “This really the girl who saved your daughter, Cevin? And if so, how deep a trench did your brother dig through her skull?”

“And hello to you, Mertin. Go easy on the kid - she’s here for personal reasons.”

“Everybody does everything for personal reasons - doesn’t mean they don’t have something broken in the head.”

“Easy, Sargeant - she’s not a prisoner, so we have to use our people skills.” The Celestian MP looks straight at you - and the first thing you notice is that both of her eyes have been replaced by prosthetics. “Corporal Ferria - but since you’re still technically a civilian until we reach Airbase Moonfell, you can call me Harmony.”

You accept the hand she extends, and say, “Mereciel Tinir - Ciel, if you don’t mind. And what do you mean, I’m still technically a civilian?”

Harmony shrugs. “You’re the first to enter the Immune Guardians straight from civilian life. Everybody else, they come from some other branch of the military first... usually in restraints.”

“Is - is it really that horrible, protecting the Immunes?” You can’t help but wonder - and shudder...

“Who knows, who cares?” You look towards Mertin, who shrugs. “Never met an actual Immune, don’t want to, I just go fetch the cannon fodder. Speaking of, we’re supposed to be off by now - load your gear so we can take off.”

With that the buff Brouni climbs back into the helicopter. You load all of your gear yourself - earning an impressed whistle from Harmony - and sit opposite Mertin, while the Celestian Corporal boards, pulling the door shut behind her.

You do manage to wave to Cevin before takeoff, mouthing “Thank you” to the old Therian. He waves back... and you could almost swear he mouthed back “I’m sorry” before falling out of view...

- - -

“Seriously, though, I thought the Bronnesk judge would have a heart attack when you flipped the Merri Isles’ team’s truck to bridge that gap in the Escort Relay finals.”

You can’t help but grin. “You do realize you’re fangirling bigtime, right?”

Harmony - actually manages to blush. “I can’t help it - I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie, and you’re the first Olympic athlete I’ve ever met! The fact that you ranked second-“

“Means nothing, Corporal!” You look towards Mertin, who says, “For the love of Vitalie, she’s a frame pilot! She’s not even a real athlete!”

“Oh, boy, here we go again...” Harmony turns to face you. “Don’t mind this Luddite - he’d prefer we power this helicopter with cranks and pedals, just to make sure we don’t become over-reliant on modern conveniences.”

Continued next post...

User Info: foreehorizon

10 months ago#9
Continued from previous...

You try - unsuccessfully - to stifle your laughter as the two MP’s go at it again. The last two hours have been like this, and despite the sometimes harsh language, it’s obvious they are good friends.

Don’t ever take them to the same sporting event, though - the bloodshed would be ridiculous.

You’re about to interject, when the pilot calls over the intercom, “Making approach to Airbase Moonfell, landing in three minutes.”

Harmony turns toward you. “Damn, looks like your civilian life is about to end, Cadet Tinir. Make sure everything you brought is secure - the winds up here tend to be pre-“

You don’t realize that you just gained ten feet of altitude in a quarter of a second - but your stomach does tell you you moved too far, too fast. The sudden shift distracts you for a moment - just long enough that you almost don’t realize the helicopter has been blown in half.

And the half with Mertin and the pilot is not the half you are in. And where is Harmony - her seat is empty -

A brief flash of light catches your attention - both moons are full tonight, and you see Harmony - the reflection off her helmet visor was what got your attention...

A. Your rifle has a grapple attachment, and you think she’s in range - see if you can tether her, and hopefully there’s a parachute or two in what’s left of the helicopter.

B. It is theoretically - THEORETICALLY - possible for a large enough bunker shield - with the proper deployment sequence - to be used as a glider - THEORETICALLY!!! - and you’ve custom made this shield to deploy in multiple configurations to cover multiple circumstances... maybe use the repulsor mines as pulse thrusters... theoretically?

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10 months ago#10
So she's a Dragoon/Necromancer with Magitech skills. Nice. Oh, and don't worry about my waffle shtick. That was Calthea, so I'll figure out something else for this world.

I think it's time to put theory into practice. B
"Many in harmony surpass one in perfection." - Guildmaster, Etrian Odyssey II