Stratum 4 Bats

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User Info: GenericForumer

5 months ago#1
I came here to whine about these guys. Why are they so fast? And why do they spawn more than 1? Even with Miasma Wall and Fault Blocker I can't seem to beat these guys without spending Unions and/or Nectars. Can't outspeed and them with Clinch or Sacred Tetrad either. They're not the worst thing ever but I definitely wasn't expecting the sudden difficulty spike. I guess I'm supposed to wear sleep rings but that bothers me more than losing to these guys.

Brouni Shield Bearer (Tank)
Therian Blade Dancer (Damage)

Therian Hunting Hound (Healer, Tank, Damage)
Earthlian Deathguard (Healer, Support)
Celestrian Barrage Pugilist (Binds, Support)

I can deal with them but they make me have to farm Skunk Cabbages.

User Info: genestealer

5 months ago#2
The bats themselves are little more than a nuisance, besides their sleep ability they only have regular attacks, which should not be lethal even when sleeping if you have reasonably good armor (obviously doesn't apply to blade dancer). When they appear with other enemies it can get risky though, and you'll want to either get rid of the bats very quickly or neutralize the enemy before risking getting put to sleep. I'm not a fan of outfitting the entire party with immunity accessories, but it seems fair to at least give one to the dragoon so it can keep guarding.

You have some stuff that can outspeed them:
-Stun Shot from Hound
-Attacks and reaps from Harbinger, assuming max Miasma Armor and Auto-Miasma
-Swallow Soar from Masurao, or possibly Hell Slash following the above skills

You could have Thunder Fist, but... why would you ever make a celestrian pugilist? If you really want a celestrian in the party, Hound or Deathguard seem like more sensible candidates.

User Info: Hemless

5 months ago#3
Eh, your issue is just that you really only have one true damage character and it has a hard time living if something tries to slap it awake.

I vaguely remember throwing statuses or binds at the bats, maybe put boots on the deathguard or pugilist for speed and use status items if binds wont cut it. The hound has bind skills too (but I bet the bats use the head).

Maybe see if any weapon skills that you can forge deAL enough damage where maybe the brounie or death guard can be the damage dealer with the hound.
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User Info: Blademaster_Aio

5 months ago#4
Everyone whines about the bats. Because they are irritating.

If you beat enough of them you can equip bat earrings with nullify sleep.

So that is definitely the best defense.

Otherwise I recommend moving your earthlain deathguard up front and using some of their attack skills. Or better, turning them into a death bringer for status ailments and more damage. But anyway, if your party is working for you, bats like all enemies, get easier as you unlock better equipment.
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User Info: GenericForumer

5 months ago#5
genestealer posted...

Yeah I put some points into stun shot and it seems to help. Didn't think to use Swallow Soar or Hell Slash though. Will try that next time.

My pugilist is full support with max Clinch, Fault Breaker, Status ATK Up, Overexertion, and Speed Up. Picked Celestrian for the TP and LUK since I wasn't planning on attacking anyway.

Hemless posted...

Yes I really love defensive parties ^^. I'm not too strapped for damage though with 4 swords, arc shot, and overextertion.

I just can't reliably lockdown or kill the bats before they use their sleep move since it is so fast.

Blademaster_Aio posted...

Yeah I just lived with it and now my levels and equips make things a little smoother. Good to know that I am not alone in noticing these guys!

User Info: Blademaster_Aio

5 months ago#6
Earthlain have best luck, but Celes luck isn't bad.
Believe God is one, and believe in the hereafter.

User Info: prettycureXD

5 months ago#7
You have a very defensive party.. Wouldn't you consider changing Deathguard to Deathbringer and Wolf to Hawk? Wing Thrash is priority I think. I find some skills of Deathguard worthless.

User Info: GenericForumer

4 months ago#8
prettycureXD posted...
You have a very defensive party.. Wouldn't you consider changing Deathguard to Deathbringer and Wolf to Hawk? Wing Thrash is priority I think. I find some skills of Deathguard worthless.

Nah. I needed Hunting Hound as a backup guard for 4swords in case Dragoon needed to use another skill. Need Arc Shot for the backline too. Deathguard I picked mostly for debuffs and backup healing since Hound might be busy.

I ran a similar party in EO2U with Protector, Beast, Hexer, Troubadour, and Gunner. Wound up being my favourite party and my first non-cheese victory against Ur-Child.

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 months ago#9
Paralyze Reap Hell Slash i gues
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