I fought the 6th Stratum boss and...!

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User Info: OnicMa93

4 months ago#1
And I lost! First time, it used Full Burst and decimated me. I didn't think that that would happen again, but that's death number two. Death three was me trying to Chain Blast it but it still Full Blasted me to death. What's different about this guy is that this boss doesn't need to charge in order to use it's strongest attack. Usually enemies do, and that's after I set up my stuff.

Party is Lv. 99 unretired.

M BM Tri-attack, High Ground
D SB Vice Crush (auto dragon Roar and bunker in effect)
R DB Wilting Miasma (auto miasma in effect)

W O Amplifier
B MH Smokeblight

Then after several more deaths I realized when it uses Full Burst it destroys all of its limbs. Then I redid my plan and got it down to 50% HP.

Same of everything, except I used Aegis Shield from Brouni.

After that it's a slew of High Ground, Armor Pierce, Gore Slash thing, then Volt Slash. For Dragoon I still use Decoy Bunkers and Vice Crush. For Reaper I use Miasma Armor and then Temperal Shroud. For Warlock I use Thunder, and Brouni also Thunder. It stuns the boss a good few turns.

I wish I hadn't upgraded the weapons to 5, the TP is expensive now, especially Thunder. Went from 50 to 75.
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User Info: SerperiorThanU

4 months ago#2
lol yep that's SD for you. Just straight out "this move is gonna OHKO you" right out of the gate. Beware that he starts getting desperate at lower hp and will start spamming attacks and regeneration like no tomorrow.
Grass Hurricane Master

User Info: Enfinete

4 months ago#3
Well Explosion didn’t exactly have charge either. It’s just an upgrade in that sense.
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  3. I fought the 6th Stratum boss and...!

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