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  3. Hardest F.O.E in the game?

User Info: Desespkmaniaco

1 year ago#21
The gigantic rooms are (almost) fine. This one (has a treasure chest) is compact enough that there's barely any way to avoid/herd the gels once they're chasing you. The way forward is directly in front of you as you arrive to the room but if you go straight you WILL get blocked and you cannot maneuver around the gells, you have to wait for them to be in specific positions so you can avoid/lure them. All the while you map their position mentally/in an external board because of their stupid gimmick.
And you better not be one tile off because then it's full retreat time... or diving into a teleporter that will set you far far back.

It wasn't as unfair as teleporters+bane lizards but it was still very annoying.
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User Info: genestealer

1 year ago#22
This is really hard to answer since nearly every FOE can be really hard or really easy depending on your party, and whether you're prepared for them or not. I remember the Sonar Worm giving my party some difficulty when I tried it, but if you can instant kill and/or block confusion and know its gimmick, it should be easy.

The infamous Prosperous Gel gave me a good welp moment when I failed to escape, and it proceeded to squash my entire party while healing itself for over 60K HP in one move. It is however very easy to shut down and destroy.

I have to say two FOEs I'm immensely disappointed in are Plague Demon and Mounting Horror. They both look terrifying, but are total pushovers in battle.

Emonzaemon posted...
So I'm the only person who enjoyed the Banana Peel puzzles? Now I feel like I missed a key experience of the postgame.
I liked them. Anything that requires you to pay attention is a plus in my book.

User Info: majesticmystic

1 year ago#23
I just chain blasted every gel I see and moved on.

Well, Harvester is probably the hardest thing no contest, but it's kind of hard to say whether it's an FOE or a boss. Outside of that I'd say Clawed Fiend just because it's about the only FOE in the game which you can't easily shut down with something crippling, or has some easily exploited hole in their AI.

User Info: Blademaster_Aio

1 year ago#24
And the clawed fiend is an enemy of the summon row (pets and wraiths).

...but honestly, if your main strategy to fight a blob is 'leg bind it' and murder it, it just means the blob is strong enough to destroy you if you let it.

I don't remember ever needing to bind any other enemy to win.
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User Info: Xaes

1 year ago#25
Taurus Demon has killed me more then other FOEs. They clobber for high damage and if I fail an escape or don't bind it I'm usually seeing someone go down.
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