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User Info: Heisenberg312

4 years ago#1
This seems like a weird, bizarre totally batsh't crazy game, and I had to get it. Ign gave it a good review, said the story was pretty good. So...I just had to see it for myself. I couldn't help myself. 10$ isn't a bad deal, and if I hate it, I could always delete it and never look at it again. But...I just had too see this for myself.
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User Info: Luigifan141

4 years ago#2
The verdict?
<cite>Soulstrikes posted...</cite>
who is this smogon guy everyone keeps talking abut is he serebiis dad or somethin

User Info: CMax

4 years ago#3
My girlfriend showed me this game. At first I thought it was utterly stupid (and I read the main person's voice in Solid Snake voice). Then, after getting through the early stages of school and getting to the third act "this is where the story is going" I frickin' loved it. The game is so damn nutso insane amazing. And the stories they toss in are way more indepth than something like this would normally warrant. Especially the "special" mode story.....

Grade: 53 out of 10
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