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User Info: o0o_Shadow_o0o

5 years ago#1
The EU and NA patches have been submitted for PS4: https://twitter.com/wandergame/status/608237747799597056

Here are the patch notes:
- New Rozhda system. You can now see what you're drawing on-screen if using touchpad, or use menu to select a word. You can also show subtitles if you look at a player. Menu can be controlled with DualShock4 D-pad.
- Blend space for hira run for players.
- Hira default movement speed is sprint. No stamina required.
- Hira jump now a bit better. Changed animation.
- Griffin has increased stamina for flapping wings in flight.
- Fixed many of the colliders and improved pop in on layers after loading.
- Initial fixes to layer streaming to improve initial load times and initial texture pop. Still more to go.
- Fixes to language support. All supported languages now in, partially supported languages show English subtitles for lore.
- Can now use the new Rozhda system while in flight, skydiving or on a griffin.
- Fixed some buggy sea sounds.
- Fixes to some cave floors.
- Tutorial improvements.
- Fixed nasty bug with the boundary that threw the player in the air.
- Disabled first person until we've polished it.
- Fixed random invisible barriers. (Ones not blocking currently locked islands).
- Have addressed crashes and errors.
- Have addressed progress loss.
- Clouds fixed and now present in the sky.

Source - http://www.wanderthegame.com/p/patch-notes.html

User Info: -Articuno-

5 years ago#2
There are clouds in the sky?
Wonder if there will be any chance they'll make the Griffin fly faster.
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