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  3. I herd this game is total garbage

User Info: INFERNO1092000

5 years ago#1
Is this true
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User Info: gillain

5 years ago#2

User Info: Psychodrama_80

5 years ago#3

Im pretty open minded gamer, don't trash many games, picked this up cause I loved how it looked and sounded.....its s*** complete and utter s***, not only s*** but a broke piece of s***.

numerous issues and bugs, including nonstop crashes.

-graphical issues, clipping issues, falling through the map, getting stuck

-super slow movement

-worst map have ever seen in a video game

-trophies aren't working/showing up

I couldn't play more thn 10 minutes at a time due to the constant crashing

pretty much everything that can be wrong with a game, this game has it
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User Info: Digital-Daemon

5 years ago#4
It can randomly reset your save.

If your save crashes, it wipes PART of your save. You'll still be where you were, but have forgotten the words you've learned.

I tweeted them this:

I think you guys need to apologise to everyone who gave you money and admit this game should not have been released like this.

No response.
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User Info: gillain

5 years ago#5
Yeah it feels like a cash grab. LIke "It's broken as hell but we're out of funds, let's somehow sneak through the Sony system, get whatever money we can, then dissolve the company before the refund demands start rolling in."
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  3. I herd this game is total garbage
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