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User Info: DartDragoon

9 months ago#1

Looks ...different

Also lol @ "Defense" not being a thing anymore. Offense+Defense=Damage
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User Info: LordTrinen

9 months ago#2
Here are my early thoughts after playing a few No Limits matches as her.

-Primary Fire. I hate this. It feels exactly like Zarya’s beam and it’s one of the main reasons I don’t play her. I hate it. I miss the auto-lock. I never got close enough to an enemy with shields to test its shield-eating ability but I would happily give it and the damage boost up to get back the old beam.

-Secondary Fire. I somewhat like the AoE damage and the faster charge speed but I miss horribly its ability to penetrate shields and enemies. The old orbs I felt like I had to be smarter and more tactical in their use. I liked that feel. This is just…mindless spamming. The fun is gone.

-Teleporter. Um…no. First off, it takes way too long to spawn. I have to stand there and wait for its spawning animation to finish and I’m basically a sitting duck until its done. Gets destroyed way too easily from enemy fire or just poor placement. I did find it somewhat useful to get to higher ground quicker but the problem with using an ally’s teleporter is that you never really know WHERE the other end is. For all you know you could end up right in the thick of the enemies and get killed quick.

-Turrets. I really like how you can fire them like projectiles. That’s the only thing I like. Maybe it’s just a bug right now but they really don’t feel any stronger than before. I miss having 6 turrets too.

-Photon Barrier. Back when I first heard of it this sounded good on paper, bad in practice. And that was when I assumed the barrier would be up until destroyed. It has some mild use as a Panic Button ability but its life is still far too short. Feels like a wasted ultimate. And I really miss the old Photon Barrier to help me close the distance with enemies.


User Info: Eab1990

9 months ago#3
Eab1990 posted...

gg Blizzard
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User Info: Krazoa2

9 months ago#4
The animation for her arms after using the ult looks cheap as hell.

Yeah this game is just crap now.
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User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
9 months ago#5
Eab1990 posted...
Eab1990 posted...

gg Blizzard

A bug on the PTR, oh no.

User Info: Squall28

9 months ago#6
The damage really isn't all that high considering you need to charge it to that point. Other characters can kill just as fast without charging. I think she's going to end up being like Sombra. She has a lot of possibilities, but I don't think most groups are going to be coordinated enough to use her.
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User Info: Hagan

9 months ago#7
I think she is going to be really good. Her ult going to be great at getting through chokes. I foresee her being really good at 2CP, and maps with vertically to give non mobile team new attacking methods for her TP.

Can you imagine on Dorado putting your TP by that hop over ledge by the first checkpoint so you (as the attacking team can attack the defenders from behind?

The TP could also be helpful for getting around shield, turret, bastion comps.
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User Info: Okikurmi

9 months ago#8
Would rather keep the old symmetra.
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User Info: Edavy89

9 months ago#9
lol blizzard. If it wasn't for blind fan support, and nostalgia they would be a dead company by now.

User Info: The_Pup

9 months ago#10

All the best changes. More range~ All the range~

EDIT: And torbs and bastions and orisas in the weirdest spots! The bestest spots!
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