New heros and birthday event leaks.

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User Info: fayeeeeee

1 year ago#21
Hagan posted...
felica posted...
Hagan posted...
I'm going in the "its fake" camp. Honestly, I don't think Doomfist will ever become a playable hero.

Blizzard might give fake information to their testers in order to find out who the leaker. Old spy tactics to find out who the rat is. lol

Doomfist is definitely gonna be playable. That don't even make sense to think otherwise. At the very least we know the Orisa leak was 100% real and doomfist was talked about in that leak.

Why doesn't it make sense to think otherwise? The material in the original post is not proof or confirmation. All we can do is speculate. I think that Blizzard has done a fair amount of fanservice for this game, and its a possibility that Doomfist could become a hero, but I'll just add that when Metzen first "made" Doomfist for the announcement cinematic it was supposed to be a throwaway name.

Also, the way I personally pictured him was as an overarching nemesis to the "new" overwatch, which I believe is what we are playing now. The new overwatch. So no one is actually a bad guy.

Hanzo, joins Genji in overwatch to redeem for his past sins (no longer a bad guy)

Widowmaker's neural transmitters break, and she joins OW to make up for her past sins and her redeem herself for her husband's death (no longer a bad guy)

Reaper finds out Jack didn't sabotage or kill him and rejoins OW (No longer a bad guy)

Roadhog and Junkrat go legit and use their talents to help people (No longer a bad guy)

Bastion feels compassion (no longer a mindless omnic bent on slaughter)

And most of the other heroes were already in OW.

That's just how I picture it playing out.

Hmm so basically they've all reformed into the new overwatch.

Then they hunt doomfist along with roadhog and junk rat as mini bosses.

Later on find out that Mercy is the main nemesis and they all team up to defeat her.

User Info: BonezWell

1 year ago#22
Random post on 4chan >> GUYS CONFIRMED ZOMG
Looking for a new signature, BRB!

User Info: digitalwill2000

1 year ago#23
I have absolutely no sympathy for idiot gamers who cant even muster the basic willpower to concoct an independent thought...
There is NO BUSINESS in making a single-player experience for a game they'd consider to be 'dying'.

Premptive Edit: Good gosh, I guess I have to explain what I mean even though its so blatantly obvious but from experience gamers are just too stupid...
Bart-Mangled Banner is the greatest Simpsons episode. It is great for the exact same reason american audiences hate it: because it captures them so accurately.
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