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  3. Who are you best with, who do you want to improve, who do you hate to fight?

User Info: FirebyrdXX

2 years ago#21
Best: Zenyatta. Can still get better, as I'm getting better at leading my orb shots.
Learning: Genji. Another very rewarding player when played well, I really feel I squander his Ult a lot though. Mei. She's a lot of fun with ice wall shenanigans. Fun on defensive payload maps. Still practicing aiming. D. Va I was getting the hang of before the patch in the first place. Her mobility is just excellent, and not having to reload is quite useful too.
Hate: Good Hanzo/Widowmakers. I just hate being shut down from a distance. You feel helpless.

User Info: YourLuck

2 years ago#22
Best: Zenyatta
Learning: Genji/Hanzo
Hate: Tracer
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User Info: Serenitys_Cat

2 years ago#23
Best: Mercy, Symmetra, Bastion

Learning: Pharah, D.Va, Hanzo

Hate: McCree, Reaper, Roadhog, Widowmaker
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User Info: RatedStinger

2 years ago#24
Best: Roadhog, Reaper

Learning: McCree, Hanzo

Hate: Mei, Lucio (right click is infuriating to deal with as Reaper)
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User Info: Tactician_Lord

2 years ago#25
Best: Mei, Reaper and Zenyatta

Learning: Widowmaker...I have a lot of difficulty getting headshots with her for some reason. I can consistently get headshots with Mei's alt fire but not with Widow, I think it's a combination of console and me not adjusting to hitscan, I sometimes think it's a projectile weapon.

Hate: Junkrat...urgh, seriously.
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User Info: henrythefish96

2 years ago#26
Best: Roadhog
Learning: Mei
Hate: Mei
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User Info: Krentaris

2 years ago#27
Best with: Soldier: 76, McCree, Reaper (i.e. hitscan)

Want to improve: D.Va, Zarya, Lúcio, maybe Junkrat, maybe Genji, maybe Reinhardt

Hate fighting: good McCrees, good Genjis, good Widowmakers... can barely move without being harassed or instantly shut down at range... oh yes the rare Roadhog who hits EVERY hook is a nightmare as well
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User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
2 years ago#28
Best with: Mercy, Lucio almost always stuck playing support.

Learning: Snipers, I'm doing headshot drills everyday now to try and get bettter, as a side effect I'm way more effective as McCree now.

Hate to fight: Nothing in particular, anything can be countered. Mei can be kinda annoying but at the same time I can just switch to Phara or something and blast her from above.

User Info: zina_magician

2 years ago#29
Best: Mercy/D.Va

Learning: A little bit of everybody, but the four I'm really focused on are Pharah (mostly because she's one of my favorite characters conceptually), McCree, Lucio and Widow.

Hate to fight: Tracer (can never get a shot on the good ones) and Hanzo (the one shot wonder). A good Reinhardt is also a pain. I know people say (or used to say) that D.Va counters Reinhardt, but I always get wrecked by a really good one! Reaper and Torbjorn are also pains.
But Tracer and Hanzo are definitely #1 and #2.
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User Info: Highwind07

2 years ago#30
Best: Pharah or Junkrat. At least those are my two most favorite characters to play.

Improve: I would say Reinhardt or Genji. Reinhardt is helpful most of the time and I have seen some really good Genjis just destroy everything that he touches.

Hate: Bastion, Torb, Soldier, sometimes Mei but not that often anymore.
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