What would make YOU spend $ in this game.

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User Info: Xero Kaiser

Xero Kaiser
1 year ago#31
Nah, spending money on cosmetic skins in a 1st person game isn't something I'll be doing.

User Info: Diabluz_Suu

1 year ago#32
"Excuses are like buttholes,everybody has one'
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User Info: hyjinx17

1 year ago#33
I already bought it for $60. That's enough.
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User Info: The_Schoolist

1 year ago#34
I would either need to be able to purchase the in game currency or directly purchase the skins I want. I'm not wasting money on lottery tickets.
PC Only. Sold everything else when I realized I never use them anymore. And the Shield Portable...for...research.

User Info: XtraT

1 year ago#35
Nothing, I paid 40$ on the promise I wouldn't have to pay for additional content.
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User Info: JamaicaMistake

1 year ago#36
For me, nothing really would convince me to buy lootboxes. I only really care about unlocking stuff for like 5 characters, and I already got everything I want for two of them. The rest is just a bonus to me like the legendary Zarya skin I got. The rate I get stuff is good enough for me.

User Info: digitalwill2000

1 year ago#37
Why do YOU people randomly capitolise YOU?
Omg it was just a prank guys, rate and comment guys, it was a social experiment bro, like and subscribe for more pranks guys, rate like and subscribe guys.

User Info: Suicide_Jester

1 year ago#38
Brendanish posted...
The_Pig_Hostage posted...
Nude waifus

Rip OW porn, blizzard said nah boi, no sfm porn for you.
On a serious note, being able to directly buy skins, and also skins that aren't ugly as s*** (s*** like the goth zarya skin)
And to follow that up, I don't give a f*** if CS:GO makes bank, f*** a****** developers who allow you to buy boxes where you might get desired s***, but you can't directly buy the stuff you want.
It's like, almost literally a f*** you to people who don't mind giving the devs more money.
Although his s*** isn't usually serious, Pyro actually just made a decent video about this stuff.

But you can directly buy whatever you want in csgo...

User Info: neji721

1 year ago#39
If I could buy costumes I would buy one for my main character if I don't unlock one by 30.

User Info: RoyMaster4

1 year ago#40
If it was incredibly cheap, you could choose what you buy (rather than RNG crates), and if I had a working computer to play it... maaaaybe. Most likely not.
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